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Support for this podcast in the following message comes from the ups store who knows small business owners don't get to take days off so of you need help with shipping this upcoming holiday they'll be open the ups store franchise locations are independently owned and operated services prices in hours may vary see centers for details live from npr news in washington i'm jack spear fire consuming a house east of napa today one of more than a dozen now burning in northern california officials there say fires have claimed at least ten lives and left others injured the wildfires of destroyed at least 1500 homes and forced more than twenty thousand people to evacuate kim pimlott is director of cal fire says critical weather conditions are in place across much of the state the national weather service put red flag warnings across much of the state that's for low humidity's uh and high winds and we combine that with the extremely dry vegetative conditions that we have every sparks going to ignite a fire santa rosa the largest city in the current fire zone has been hard hit a number of businesses destroyed by fire there california governor jerry brown has declared a state of emergency in napa sonoma and you counties the environmental protection agency is preparing a roll back president obama's signature health climate change legislation rather details are expected morrow the 2015 clean power plan said state level limits on greenhouse gas emissions wyoming public media's cooper mckim reports a cpb repeal is welcome news in the state's coal industry wyoming is the largest producer of coal in the country by far in almost all of it is used for electricity generation so it's no surprise the state hasn't been a proponent of the clean power plan.

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