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Onto the MBA for the first time in the NBA. It's Brother versus Brother, Ball versus ball taking place in knowledge. Lonzo ball in the pelicans facing younger Brolin Mellow and the Charlotte Hornets. Three second game clock shot clock differential. Now Republicans having to play defense a long time Can the Hornets capitalized, mellow Step back three is God love Mellow Ball buries a three makes it a five point game. That three was in Lan Zoe's face. By the way, the call from wf NZ younger Bro gets the first laugh in the show. Hornets Take it. 1, 18, 1 tens. Ion Williamson and Gordon Hayward. Lead players in scoring with 26. Both teams are now four and five. Here's Let Melo on the wind with Cassidy Hubbarth. Definitely a great comeback. I mean, see Maces. All of everybody's doing their job, but just on my side, I just let the game come to me. And that's so But we saw you how to jump all against your brother. Then you knocked down a step back with him as your defender. Just how different This field from the backyard battles that you guys had a look that says the NBA, whoever, uh, step in front of me. It's just another game, so I don't really look at it like that. I look at it like I'm just help my team win. Well, you guys trailed by as much as 18 before taking your first lead in the fourth. What was the biggest difference for you guys in that second half that allowed you guys to really gain control? We all like then and got into paint and then let us much easy stuff get And so that was the big difference, Right? There were so many people talk about the joy that you play with. You have the spotlight for a while now, but in a wind like base against your brother in the MBA. Situation that your family spoken to existence. What are the emotions after this win? Oh, I mean, I'm great way. Wa So, yeah, chilling on this side. I don't really know ELISA feeling because I know he loved women, too. But you're right now. Feeling great. Are you gonna text him immediately or let it simmer a little bit? I know I was with the boy last night, so probably Now we got to catch a flying got another one tomorrow. I love that answer. I feel great. I want Of course I want. If it were me, I would be texting immediately after that victory even before he got to the locker room to get Phone. I would be texting right away. That's exactly what I would be doing. I'm not playing in the NBA SportsCenter all night. ESPN radio. The Washington Wizards were in Boston to meet the Celtics. Smart in transition. Smart on.

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