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Could cough. You. Good topics actually talk about today. Let's tell everybody of the topic right now that's happening in the studio. I can't see what is happening not only crawled under the Ottoman under your feet, which he loves to the half of his body is under your desk shelf on the on your right hand side. Now, he's had his inside the shell. He's halfway under your autumn. So I can see nothing he can get into there. Oh my goodness. Little comedian. I don't know. Can you excuse okay? Is doing something or he's messing around. But he doesn't have anything something else. Sorry. I mean, literally snake although he has something from underneath your desk. I think we should should take care of that. I'm going to have to leave the desk. Last night last night. He could tell when he's got something by way runs. Yeah. So he's got a box of something. I don't even know where he got it from even what is that. Trying to eat my oh, does he have any more of them? I this lovely English English in Christmas ornaments that were sent to me once over British postbox almost took my finger on. I don't care about your forget about my own. Wait a minute. I need to check. He is something else. Anyway, last night running around the box or something. The heck is he got now the they took that go onto your coat hangers? Yeah. So you can hook another coat hanger onto it. I I don't even know what had them stored. I couldn't see where he got the box from running up and down. Then a pair of some British flags all over he got them from. I don't even know where I had them stored. He's something else. Anything's larry. And he runs around. I mean, I think I must say ten times a day give me that shoe. No is now he's knocking over. I've got my shoes in plastic. Bins blessed plastic boxes. Yeah. Shoe boxes? And now it can Eclair knocking them over taken the leads off to in the corners. And taking the shoes out. There were five shoes out the other day, and he has a preference for the right shoe? You only take the right shoe a five out there. He is. Honestly, it's my I mean, of course, if I've got my closet door open, would you expect? But you think they're protected in plastic shoe boxes. Now, I can knock a stuck at Tom shoes over that one. Really is. You know, he did this morning. I'm sure you've as a million times gathering, water Niko. Thanks for the water. So FaceTime infringe yesterday the water on the back of the sofa and begets drinks away hydrates himself. So this morning. I have a glass of water to bring in the studio. And he's looking at me like, okay, you don't my water for me. He's something here. I just give them their own glass. Now seriously. Get one for me and get one for them. It's so much easier because did start doing it twelve years. Geez. The great though dogs. They have great personalities this the just the so individual, and we embrace every little crazy thing about them. Don't we you. And we just love is love him today. Well, let me tell you something that happened in Vegas. Here's a little local news you go. Oh, you know. What Jim I wish that we could get legal gentlemen, the new new series because it's not on breadbox yet. But that's a little quote from there. You local I would love to see the notes my cities like they never went away. She's so funny anyway of going off the subject they're going on a bit of a tangent. Because local news, here's some local news. Las vegas. Ambulance company is now got a therapy dog. Are they as great? Well, this happened before makes so much sense to me well train a Meghan LeClair LeClair. Like that. And mercy is a therapy dog in training and physics with a vehicle service technician Jonah Venetia at the American Medical response and medic west headquarters in Las Vegas. And so basically mercy is the new therapist into Intel and she's a little furry therapist as well. She's just form and sold. She's a golden doodle and she over a medic west and became the newest American Medical response and medic employees in July she'll serve as the company's therapy dog when she's fully trained the inspiration, adding mostly to the team came after the aftermath of October one. And I'm sure you're very well aware of that shooting that happened on the strip biggest mass shooting in the country, very traumatic for the city, very traumatic. And we come in on the anniversary of that. So the be a lot going on in town. We personally, no. Bryce and his wife. Stephanie kurkin who? Have the charity and training.

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