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Said, that's right. The primary party was packed with supporters and volunteers supporting the mayor's signature green campaign shirt, Bowser also reminded the crowd of one of her biggest goals. YouTube where we demand to be the 51st state. Northwest D.C., Luke Luger WTO penis. And D.C. Democrats have decided who they want to see to be the city's next attorney general. I'm very, very grateful to the people of Washington, D.C. for putting their trust in me. Brian Schwab celebrating his win in the primaries Democrats decide he should take the place about going AG car race scene, racing endor Schwab, the race did see some controversy as word 5 council member Kenyan mcduffie was found ineligible to run after a challenge by contender Bruce spiva. Schwab says 5 and Ryan Jones ran terrific races. I appreciate that the campaign was really one that elevated ideas and was very civil. What's next for Schwab? You know, we'll see if there's going to be anybody who's going to get involved in the general and we'll confront that. As we get down the road a bit. Mike Morello WTO news. You know the races in the district Democrats voting overwhelmingly to have longtime D.C. delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton keep her job for D.C. council, Rihanna Dell gets the nod for Democrats for ward one Zachary Parker ward 5, voters wanted at large council member. I need a bond to keep her seat and fulfill mendelsohn to keep his as council chairman, still undecided the ward three council seat where with 38% of the votes this morning Matthew fruman has a 7 point lead over Eric goulet. Two women in Virginia won Republican congressional primaries in the state of Virginia earning the right to challenge democratic congresswoman Abigail spanberger at Elaine loria in the fall election representative spanberger will face yes Lee Vega is the name in November Vega is a Prince William Kelly deputy sheriff and serves on the board of supervisors. She beat 5 others in the 7th district Republican primary in the second congressional district representative L'oreal will face Republican state senator Jim Higgins, Higgins is a former navy helicopter pilot and the mother of four she currently works as a geriatric nurse practitioner. Republican Ben Klein gets the nod for the 6th district and congressman Don beyer, a Democrat wins his primary in the 8th district. You can see the full list of results, a click away, any time you want, on Tuesday's primaries at WTO P dot com. WTO now three O 6, turning the page to other stories we are looking at for you. Transportation and issue again this morning, the large sinkhole on southbound two 70 and Gaithersburg might not be fixed as quickly as first expected, repairs, we are being told now made last for weeks. Charlie gissler with a state highway administration tells WTO cruise hell hoped everything back together by the holiday weekend, 4th of July. We did identify a length of pipe, it's a 30 foot diameter pipe. That is in another yard. So we identified where we can get that. It's a match. We're going to have it on site tomorrow. And then they're going to work on getting a collar and replacing that section of pipe that was damaged and led to that erosion, and then we're going to put the stone in and then the soil and let it compact, and then we'll be able to open up the lanes. It's three O 7. If you've tried antidepressants

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