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So that's closer to the beach that I was yesterday that go I think this is a point where I think this might be a first time ever but it might be a case for KNBR has better lodging then don't jinx it too because I think I think we're right there I'll yeah be October for not there yet I mean on paper is one thing let's see one more like checking in your room tonight mark you can come stay with us yeah we might be right next door to you let's be honest you know what I'm a ride it out will pop a little surprised that a boy at the courtyard therefore we don't write it out we're here to do work we're not going to play so we're at the business wholesale you know what I'm saying in our coffee you will get a little movie and then we don't go to work and they're gonna here's that little business office in the lobby that nobody ever uses all right there afternoon playing in the background use those before by the way under in a pinch runner like need of some I every now and again to the lobby and like you know that little business room nobody use I got I got a sent a couple emails I don't I'm done and like in it but the internet I have to do it I think my computer crashes yeah Hey man this summer laughing we're Yakin and all that but it's a chance Bonnie Jill it'll to talk just before that you go on Kobe because you know your column was fantastic and obviously so personal because your daughter is the same age and she was wearing her Kobe sneakers at the at the volleyball match in any way you wrote a lot of good thought a lot and it was more about being a dad than a basketball fan and anybody Jill it'll say you won't have a conversation Marcus about Kobe and how you guys are feeling day to mark is it's funny when I read your tweets yet I could tell that you could feel whatever was feeling as a father because we all know that Kobe that's what he really suppose career you know being a father was was was most important to him man that was man so my daughter and my role dog right like we we leave this out everywhere like we'll see she's telling me all kind of places I'm I'm trying to talk my wife into letting her come on a road trip will be by ourselves my wife is like yeah that lead to me but I'm like you know at some point did need me me and her right so this is my this is my whole me right we're like that so Kobe and Gigi were like that so I kind of always like admire that I felt I felt the kinship with how he felt about his art as I thought about mine is there there just at that age where they're just cool in there down the hay and make a row which you and like it's just such a it's such a still feeling ever warding thing and I never knew I never knew it was like this I'm a son right and I know what it's like to hang with a bad notice for games I didn't realize it would be this great to have a daughter right and build a volleyball practices then watcher like terribly play the violin right so in your locker for parts in her and her play as the area all right I didn't know this stuff was also who and I think our watch co be recognized the tune so it's it's crazy yes the reality of this guy with all his main then all his love and all his you know celebrity for his daughter couldn't stop tragedies in it and it is really hit me at like mad what if he can't do it you know we're all just got a hopeless out here like listed nothing goes wrong it is maybe it maybe still really terrified and really like scared because I know how he felt about his daughter and I start imagining like what that was like all as the helicopters going down like no you can't really protect your daughter it was just crazy about trying to keep it together right in the volleyball turned a bit as she she was so excited about this first volley ball tournament I'm like I'm I don't want to still the first volley ball tournament right so I'm trying to keep this from Burke and I had to go outside of that I had to go back here because you want to me and I got a record in the it was really rough trying to manage a small white by poor whites she does that you know you got a basketball player a bit die are like me you can see there's almost like Hey man that that's sad but you know let's focus here but I'm I'm like oh dry in our business well be right yeah you do you so it was really difficult just that when when reality hits like that life has a way of doing it it happens to everybody but at some point life remind you you're just you're just be more and our children are even more people so if it was just a scary thing with it was a remarks is call me sicker subscribe to the athletic and and read it so you can check it out for yourself so all right ma'am listen you go grind it out of the airport Marriott we're gonna be in South Beach so if you need to have is either some fun just give us a call if we need to do some work we'll give you a call as a body already told me I'm taking a wire so Friday night to believe me she knows where to go we have no idea I need some distraction yeah Paul and I can go shopping for Lynn and we were served by MJ Acosta we need we're more or less some babies Landon's Marcus for Wednesday yeah so like it like an idiot Woodstock though this morning yeah who's doing that right Marcus did was sit down there man here's buddy thanks will there is Marcus Tubbs ever to reduce cadre socks I think about too many sizes too and in fact what he just said right they're just man I'm not wear socks or is the socks I got the you know what I mean might crew code next on can be are one oh four five and six eighty the sports you're listening to Murfin back now on one oh four five FM the CCK N. B. R. V. sports leader everyone has good weeks and bad we everybody loves three four it has been awhile since we've all had a super weak sponsored by city officials I wear of the forty ninth Super Bowl fifty four is waiting world has been a sample KNBR my keys on now we bring you a V. I. P.'s from the NFL and beyond don't miss the cold so iconic white out Reggie Wayne at eight fifteen plus the only man who can turn ten AM into primetime pop and led to open their show with the on the on set him was a character now you want to press and I gave you that have the best part about super weak you never know what the legend will grab the Mike Metz so grateful to guarantee your week is super stay tuned to your home of Super Bowl fifty four K. and we are one oh four five eight six eight V. ward's leader you can't see it but it's there when you wake up and go to sleep it's an active earthquake faults and here in the bay area all within thirty miles of one any moment he.

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