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There has been a shooting municipal center in Virginia Beach Virginia a local TV station reports. One person is dead. Six others were wounded. Police say suspect has been taken into custody, and they do believe there was only one shooter. A former White House trade expert is warning of economic pain to come. If President Trump makes good with his tariff threat on Mexico. Here's correspondent saga megani? Combined with a pass threat. The president's floating import taxes on all goods from China and Mexico, comprehensive taros against its two largest trading partners and c Fred Bergsten says the result would be higher prices at it would amount to attacks on their consumers as markets, tumbled US. Manufacturers warned of devastating consequences may even some of the president's GOP allies urging him not to make the move saga. Megani washington. Thousands of PG customers are without power in San Francisco. The outages in the areas of south beach, south park, and China. Basin. PGN is investigating the outage in hopes to how power restored in the four o'clock hour federal regulators are exploring ways to officially allow products in food drinks and dietary supplements. Here's Keijo tens Mark Nieta growing popularity of Kennedy, all more commonly known as CBD as the acting chief of the FDA, quite concerned, Ned sharply at a public hearing today, about CBD says that regulators still don't know how safe the non intoxicating cannabis compound is for human use. CBD is appearing everywhere from makeup to t- to pet treats too soft drinks, even though there's little data to support the many claims of its benefits so far. The FDA. Gay has prohibited the addition of CBD to food products or dietary supplements, and part of the hearing today was for the FBI to listen to public testimony and consider those additions in the future..

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