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All right let's talk first. Of all crtv. Right, now is a cover the Pendleton, murder trial live, switches Markle really remarkable Illinois did not want cameras in the courtroom. For well for obvious reasons 'cause, it's Dylan oh and there's a, lot of, hijinks but you know they finally have allowed the man and it's at the judge's discretion very few judges of okayed this but in this very high profile gang case I advocate for this because I think an advocate for greater transparency in terms of how we in our business in the local. Media cover gang involved shootings because it's just too easy to throw. Every gang shooting or the violence in. The? City into a basket that makes. Us all feel better like it doesn't affect as it. Has, nothing, to do. With us it's those people do shooting. Those people right and it's not as a penalty Was this kid right in your old girl who was who was just with a group of her friends after school in a park have nothing to do with this right and so this is the kind of thing that can happen and that's why this is such an important portrayal obviously. The prosecution here says that this shooter was attempting to shoot another. A rival gang member which was known. To? Hang out at that particular park And so this was a king or you know you hear back and forth all the time and I think police tend to pretty quickly put out information about, whether or not a victim has. Gang? Affiliations somehow in an effort to suggest oh well you know, the this isn't as though it's totally random you. Know, this is there was motive here these aren't totally innocent people who are getting shot but yeah you're right it does tend to kind of create This kind of overall view of. Shootings in violence certainly an idea Pendleton case this was a bright young girl who was doing nothing more than hanging out with friends at an. Unseen, seasonably, warm day inner, local park and into your point row. I think, you only have to watch a. Couple of minutes of this trial is we're in. The first, day here. You can watch it live on crtv The prosecution's. I witness was young woman Calin Jones was a classmate of ideas who was who was in that park at the. Time of the shooting and she just Yeah it was gut wrenching to hear, her describe these friends just, spending time together and all of a sudden you know pop pop pop pop, everyone's running. And she turns around and she sees idea running but slowing down in originally she thought she thought idea was. Was joking around. Or something should come on come on we don't get time to, play, around, and she told jurors. Today that. That's one idea, said, I've been. Shot, I've been shot I think. I got shot and she thought she was joking says no no you're gonna be okay come, on and she, said no I seriously I I think I got shot it is heartbreaking to think that this. Girl who ended her life ahead of her and just you know this this this great kid who. Just had just in the wrong place and look at what happened and. I think we as. Reporters have all been in those those courtrooms at twenty six in California we've all heard that gut wrenching testimony any of hundreds of murder cases it. Is different though When there's a TV camera. In there and and Chicago as a whole can can see how a split second moment a split-second. Decision by a shooter a moment enjoying friends with the park can turn. Instantly become something awful The other. Interesting thing in the, Jason Van Dyke trial he's the officer accused of murdering Liqun McDonald a cameras are also going to be allowed in that case in a limited. Fashion there's very tight restrictions and what can be shown it, can't be shown but I think that's another opportunity for people who can't get down to the. Courthouse to see how how the Justice system works right for themselves and that's going to be an important one because you know murder, conviction that, is highly unlikely based on, the facts of that case as we know them, now as we've seen them do regardless of how how people feel about seeing that video and seeing that officer empty his service weapon sixteen shots most of them hitting him most of them, hitting while, he's on the ground it's as as dramatic as that is To get a murder conviction requires, a lot of things that you just Based on the fact that we know Yeah right well you wonder if the idea Pendleton thing will will also seeing, this trial as you point out Ben we'll make people want to come. Forward more in crimes and help police and I know why there are so many reasons. To distrust police eighty fear. Of retribution getting shot your? Own family you know, what I mean those are serious stoppers but maybe just maybe when you see how lives are ruined and families torn. Apart and you see it like this I just hope that there will be some more cooperation because there's less than a twenty. Percent conviction rate in murders right now and there's an anonymous tip line their ways to do it that would help police because people in, those neighborhoods do know they often no Conviction rate you mean clearance clearance rate I'm sorry I'm sorry Clearance rate of the HAMAs was. Down at the park named for idea Pendleton last week photographer and I went down there on the, day, that they started picking a jury just because we thought boy it's. Taken five and a half years to, get to this point they've named this beautiful park after her which. Is not far from the part in which he was shot and we wanted to do a story just kind of listening to what people in that park had to say and turned into a net. What we, call net sound piece where there's no reporter track it's. Just you know the the voices of people in that park one gentleman, we interviewed again in Bamako? Deli who is a community. Activist who. Was there You know in those first hours after, idea was shot Yeah he said I wish I could say in this city that when a fifteen year. Old innocent girl gets shot and there was much outrageous there wasn't Heidi. Pendleton case in the first lady of. The United States Michelle Obama, shows, up at her funeral I wish I. Could say wow that's going to be the turning point I've. Been here long, enough to know, that's not the truth and in fact in in idea Pendleton park in the five and a half years, since her murder in. The park, now named for her there was another murder Yeah right I. Know, it's Faisal logic Ben thank. You very much we'll see tonight at, five, four five, six nine ten eleven twelve. And fourteen fourteen Let's check in Kim Gordon's got the WGN news. Coming your way intimidates the more you know when I, started at WGN Roger Trine stir done whether for a long time. So it was the first day on the job here and I was to fill in for Roger on Wally Phillips show and I, was coming down the elevator and? The elevator jammed between the third and fourth first day. On the air. WGN I thought how am I. Gonna tell, anybody. And I don't remember. How they got that thing, going, but, I'm, sorry I, didn't work out for you Tom skilling with you seven, forecast weekday afternoons. With Ronnie on seven twenty WGN Hi.

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