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To go. There you go. Right. I don't know. Let's go to Tony. Thanks for hanging on man, you're on chip Nikki. So I mean, what his comments back the Buddha judge about, you know, a euro tacking my faith. He said, I'm not attacking your fate, man. I'm just defending who I am. You agree. Food. You know, you're the Mike Smith, I'm getting experience, you know, when I see to it doesn't bother me that they're listening when I see a straight couple. It doesn't bother me. I really don't care about that. I have no squad on negative feeling about anyone else's business that way, but Mike has been the people that really have the need it because they haven't they are afraid something in them. They perhaps they have some like lately O'Brien, and then they turned it around. But what did what did Shakespeare say to meet me thinks Dow dot protest too, much, right? And the thing is that the otherwise why would anyone have that one of the most about it because it really doesn't pertain to you? You know, I would think there are many more men that people realize have some sort of some sort of an attraction to other men. I mean. There are lot of guys. It's a lot of people on the download the drug and then they have sex. Here's another thing. But there's there's a lot of things I'd rather do with guys that don't include sex in. It doesn't make you gay. You know what I mean? And there's some of my closest friends that I truly love, and I have been friends my whole life. It would die. They would stand in front of a bus for me or my family. Right. I mean, right. So there's a whole lot of different. Go ahead. There was a whole this whole. But what I meant to say is you'd be surprised that might sound like. Oh, yeah. Right. Us up that many Bill there are there are a lot of could be that many people that eight days because they're afraid that their Gators and they're not completely getting. So they don't understand. It's not like what you do. It's just a complete. But yeah, if you're along the way on one side, then you will weigh your oriented who you love and truly love gets a completely different thing. They don't understand can. I just say this thing that there's one thing about you. That bothers me it's you have a better voice than I do. And I'm guy on the radio. Thanks, Tony declined. The religion thing is nobody knows. If there is there's even even the most eight theistic scientists now are starting to come around and realize visit design there was a creator to all of this. But of course, nobody knows what is we don't have the capacity to even understand. So to fight about these ridiculous. You know? That were over things that were changed for reasons of the I mean the core in the bible, but Tony there's money there. There's a lot of money there. And that's the way that the it has nothing to do with the creator. And god. And what we're about at all if people realize that it's pretty like, it's thirty ridiculous. I agree. Tony, thanks for the call. Call us back leave. I did have better voice pisses me off. Mark Thompson says like listen to my voice sounds so nasal, but I'm sure grates on YouTube eight hundred eighty eight ten say do a follow us on Twitter, by the way. I have a new video today out every day try to get out and already did tomorrow's Petit tomorrow about the Bill bar and the the spying thing today about Trump's think Trump's taxes today. Oh, no cynicism. I'd ever check it out Nikki medoro. Two at any follow me on Instagram to she's not on Instagram really eight ten but Papa let's go to Tom in conquer, Tom. You're on with chicken, Nikki let row. Yeah. You know? I never heard what Penn said that was so controversial. But I have heard him talk about homosexuality. And he's always stated as a Christian it. He loves all people. He doesn't he might not believe in homosexuality. But as a Christian, he he respects all people Muslim people. I don't hear you railing on Muslims who. Abs- absolutely condemn homosexuality and throw homosexuals off the tops of building. I would I totally. I totally agree with you. I totally agree with you. I think that that I think part of and I've said this before maybe you didn't hear me Islam. I think is like about five hundred years behind Christianity. And a lot of things they believe about women. And I think it's I mean, you know, I'm not a fan of most organized religions, but I think what Islam does in the Middle East, and how we have maintained relationships with countries like Saudi Arabia who encourages that in their mosques. And I think it's horrible. And you know, at Penn State Penn says a cut with there's a couple ones we can play you a little bit of response so Buddha. Judge had said I have other stuff. I've heard him say about you can't get into heaven. If you're gay. I've heard him say that. But again, I don't know why somebody would say that, you know, you're not God. Right. You're not the one that's making that call anyway. But this is his response to Buddha. Judge saying look, I you know, if I didn't make the choice. Us that somebody on a higher pay scale did and this very closely with mayor peep when I was governor of the state of Indiana, we had a great working relationship. And he said some things that are critical of my Christian faith and about me. He knows better. He knows me. Yeah. So anyway, I look again, I look at any anybody. Issue out kind of make a wedge issue out of nothing as liberals always do. Well, no. But nothing has come out on the record and say he doesn't or has refused to support protections equal protections for homosexuals as for heterosexual relationships. I I don't think it's so much of what he says it's his vote, which is actually more important is the fact that he doesn't support any sort of protections. He doesn't believe in gay marriage. He doesn't he you know, he voted against true down looking looking at his voting record. He voted against the repeal of don't ask don't tell. He voted against the employment nondiscrimination act against LGBT couples. He said, it was absolutely not a mistake to sign the religious freedom restoration act that would have protected gay couples. He believes in conversion therapy. He supported those organizations. I think if you need anything else just look at his voting record, and that should be more important to you. Then actually what he says to the media thing. Nikki just dunked on you in the pain, dude, right there too, right? Boom, it's not liberal voting record. And that's important for you to realize because that impacts every single American gay or straight. You know, how you vote? What you believe it? Well, yeah. No. But you know. I mean, even if you're not going to protect all Americans, correct? I I the previous caller said civil, you know, don't impede on the rights of Christians who want a religious ceremony of marriage. They should all have the same rights as a civil union and all have the same. Listen to this country should be called because people don't get married just because of religion that is the fact that is a it is a legal contract. The two people go into together, and it comes on certain benefits in this country. Been between a man and a woman. Man. It's not now. Right. It's always been. But it's not now. So it hasn't always been so so sore Christian rights impede upon based on that crazy mentioned to move up anybody's asking this. So what are Christian rights? Let me ask you. What is that? What is a Christian, right? What what they believe in the right to believe in of? Okay. We're talking about marriage. The right. A marriage is a sacred. I believe that that's still Christian. So what we're talking about American rights, not Christian rights, and as the vice president of the United States, and and and the governor of Indiana. His votes matter. I'm sorry say that again. People that believe that a marriages of foul between a man or woman to have children. They can still believe you can believe that. But when you're voting for American rights, you cannot that's the difference. That's what I'm trying to vote on your religious beliefs marriage. Don't marry a man. Yeah. Yeah. There you go, right? Doesn't mean that you have a right with your vote to impede the rights of gay couples. You don't have a right to do that gay marriage is the law of the land in America, and Mike Pence is proven through his vote that he doesn't believe in it. And that's the problem. Let's let's talk about comma for a minute. Okay. So the she's was she was she prompt Habashi prompted into San that. She had she wasn't this is this is the first step accommodate Harris. And I think her enclosure both realized that if you're going to get those people in Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin that voted for Trump. You have to show that you're you're strong willed. But you're also not a kind of classic liberal. Okay. I don't I think calmly Harris is is a complicated. Here. You ready for it nuanced candidate? And but this saying that she owns a gun for protection just rang a bell with a lot of Americans a lot of Americans that that would may not have voted for before. And if she and again, I think, you know, just talking about issues like a gay rights and gay marriage and looking at how care it does that the way to break that down is. To say that this is you know, this is a constitutional right to do. Right. But it doesn't mean that you have. I mean one way that I've heard before is to say, maybe we should make them. So everybody gets married the same way. You don't do it. It's not in the state house. It's a private thing. And you you put your papers in with the state, right? So people can get married anywhere and anybody can get married, and they can get divorce, and it's not a part of the government. But the government likes a piece of that. Because there's money in them hills. Right. So if you're running for president, and you how do you those third rail issues? How do you navigate them? Well, she just showed me that she has an idea. Do you see a positive thing of what she did? She's a gun owner. Yeah. Absolutely. I think that you have to just say, well, I don't think that surprises anybody that she's a gun owner. Also, we know because we know from California. I don't know if the rest of the country knows comma Harris, and when they mean, I mean most people they saw her in the cavenaugh hearings, and she was tough. Right. She definitely was she stood her ground. And I think that as we go through this primary process. I'm really anxious to see how she does in a panel. We're gonna obviously have debates right with all of them though. Doing a town hall with everybody. Everybody that running for president. So yeah, I I saw somebody last night. And I can't I'm trying to remember who it was..

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