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We're due for a little bit of rain. We got that right now. No, no sunshine and today no, no, but the lights are bright in here. Well, no or not, I can barely see you and you're standing five ft, away from on I mean, the people on Twitter you'll be able to tell because when blackened of dollar Captain Hood or here, whether you can see the people here, it's like I can barely see anything. The lights one night one lights out. Let's pointing the other way. Is that one supposed to be going towards the screen over there? I don't know what they're doing. So I had I had them down just a little bit. And there where? The lights? Yeah, it's nice to have lights when you're working. I know it if you were if you were lucky, the old school FM jock playing your bread, they'll be off. Yeah, maybe you've got to create the mood. All I would see is a control board. Yeah, it's a good look, but I don't want yes. You do need to see if I was old school. I'd have to play I'd spend records and you better have some lights on if you're going to drop it read on the track. Now you have a little light on the needle? Yeah, on someone? Never. Yeah, I never I never worked at a place that had never worked at a place and played music. No, you wish I would have. But you're at FM now. Yeah, Yes. Yes, We are on FM 100.3 HD to Yes, you can hear us right there. And Get up this morning. I was almost late. I mean, really late. I'm usually early I got I usually get here around. 7 30. I get her about 7 45 7 late late is now this is actually late 902. Not in radio in my my book. If you're not here at least an hour beforehand. You're not. Yeah, I get there late, but I mean, that's they always talk about our prep because that's what in radio, you know, basically get paid for a certain amount of time on the air and then your property and they say, one hour prep for every one hour on the air. We'll you know someone was asking me the other day. Someone says that you prepare almost two hours for every hour. Um And you know when you're doing talk radio sometimes you do, But I'm getting up this morning and I'm going to set the DVR because The futures game is being played today and it was supposed to be Jake Burger was supposed to be there, but he's playing his Bass club now. Yeah, he's playing for the big club. He's not playing in the futures game. I saw Lloyd Jimenez play in the futures game years ago when he was in the comes minor league system. Um, but it's great watching the futures game and it's not like two o'clock this afternoon. So I set the DVR for that. I set the DVR for the baseball draft, which is actually today. Usually it's on Monday or Tuesday during the week, and I want some of that. It's pretty boring, usually because you don't know any of the guys and the Saxon cut the Cubs have the 21st ever. If you're watching the futures game every year, you'll see right, you'll see, you'll be like, Wait a minute. I remember that name exactly. You'll see some of those. Well, the Fiesta the futures game, You'll see them in the draft, and then years later, you'll see him in the futures game. So that a longer way around all the way around, right, But We'll see if you watch the College World Series. You watch the College World Series, which was out for a month. It seems that maybe a little longer with all the regionals and everything else. Then you'll see those guys get drafted. So I set the DVR for that, But I turned it on and I think I had it on Show time. There was a movie last night getting ready to go to bed. I'm flipping around. Those are what we called Fatal F A. T A L E with Michael Ealy, I think and Hilary Swank. So I got sucked into watching that for a half hour. I said, I got to go to batch like DVR at the end of it. But the channel that was on this morning when I popped out on TV. Iraqi wanted just started. I said, I'm going to call Tyler say I'm not going to make it in. I'll do the show from home. I'm going to watch all Iraqi one. I mean, certain movies you just like I didn't want to leave. It's hard to pull yourself away. Yeah, I know you've seen it. How many times I know. Oh, at least I'm not a guy who season movie 100 Times I've probably seen about 15 or 20. And I'm saying OK, he's going into the pet shop to buy his turtle food, and it's hard to walk away. Even though you know every step of what's going to happen. It's great, and it's before he really talks to Adrian that much and he's talking to her and she's got her head down. And so, man. Don't want to go. I under stay. I got the DVD in the other room. I can always watching. I watched you anytime I want right now with on demand When everything else you can watch any of the Rockies whatever you want, but it's like, oh, The other day, Same thing with Independence Day. You know, they always every station seems to show it. I don't know who's got the rights or if they just gave him to. Everybody has right. They've all they all get a chance to show Independence Day and you know, at the fourth of July And so that's always that's one of those other movies that you don't want to. You don't want to turn off. I said, Put my shoes on, flipped it off. And I said, Okay, we'll have to watch some other time. You mean you turned it off for you gave the finger to the T V. I did both. Okay. Yeah, I was mad. I just gave the finger to the T. V. And then and then turned it off, Actually, literally, and then, um, so, yeah, happen in the car, but and when I'm driving down, I used to have a little One of those little it was an audio recorder. Like a little thing You call for notes and stuff like that, and I used to have it in my car all the time, because that's something that's a tool of the trade when you're going out and getting audio, whether you're in hard news or sports or whatever it seems like you also seems to get you get your best ideas. Either like for a show. I get my best ideas either in the shower or in the car on the way Here I get mine on the more do you is my more thought My wife will ask me every time. What were your more thoughts and it's amazing how your ideas just poppin so as soon as I get here, I come up with four poll questions. And usually we don't have that much. It is polar Pelusa. Once we kind of we got a bunch of we've got. We've got four than Iraq polls, So we got like five different poll questions. But it's that time of year because the all Star is all Star weekend. I guess you'd call it All Star weekend or Because the futures game of the draft and tomorrow's home run Derby and then you've got the game on Tuesday and then the white sacks and Cubs don't resume play until, UM Friday, which I'm sure for Cub fans is fine. For white sacks fans. We can't wait to play the Astros because we can't wait for it. But we do need a little rest. I'm good with the rest. I guess. I guess it doesn't create rust. Yes, rest of rust. That's what they always talk about. And one of the things for the white sacks, they extender winning streak to four. They beat the Orioles. So they right now on this trip, they could go there. Five and three of the nine game trip, the best thing to his six and three I kind of thought when you're going to Detroit, Minnesota and Baltimore should do a little better than that. I was thinking 72, but I'll take six and three. I mean, if you can, if you can win today, if you don't if you don't win today, Yeah, you know, not not quite as good. You know, or road 63. We'll take that, especially against these teams because you've got to start beating the good teams Dallas, Kinkel had said two days ago after his outing, and he says, we got to start you know, because we play the Astros from the All Star break is over. And they thumped us. He goes..

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