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It was about no in fact it was almost exactly a month ago. Time of airing. Sixteen june so a month ago i i tweeted saying that sonya deville was training for an imminent return and i got really high about that. I got really hyped. This is something that's come out a lot more in the last few days as well. It's made the headlines in the last few days so new deville. Apparently this close to coming back and i very eager for that moment. I love the idea that she could literally have the briefcase. Full five days literally. Call everyone together and say okay. This is our entire women's division bianca. Tonight you're facing literally every once literally non title one after another golden style. Just so you know. I'm definitely not catching in at the end. And then just walk away. That idea that sets the rope is a absolute monster. he'll. I don't think it's happening yet. Yeah yeah for me. Sonya valente self most strongly right now to where she has an active storyline active storyline. Despite the fact has not been focused on too much in the last few weeks. If you're charlotte and ria to me. Whoever wins out of shaolin ria that would be the ideal next opponent for sonya deville and that would be ideal for me. I would like it for rhea ripley to beat charlotte here go onto summerslam and lose it on your develop. That would be how i would post. Mcclay it out. I don't think she getting into the morning. The bank much. Mostly because i found that justifies her onto smackdown. And i don't necessarily think that's the right move right now looking at the available people. I don't think this will be a serious contender. I think it'll be someone who will be involved but not really expected to be the big deal. I think we can rule out. Sasha banks on the basis that natalia's of the to the match. Because i expect sasha banks to be audited as a ring general of much. Natalia is now a ring. General is not required. So i think we'll few people who've never been environment. I think tony storm will be added to the match on smackdown nowadays. What i think going to happen out of things. You have much of winning. But i think it would be a very effective debut for it. Takes a bit of pressure off her shoulders for me. Sasha banks go straight into a feud with bianca valeria area. And that's just the only cohen. Yeah i agree. Sasha banks for me is bigger than the money in the bank match wrestling fans. Are you that person that works in a pro wrestling.

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