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You is in the final year of his contract. They're gonna have to start paying players soon. It's interesting with crowder on the jets last season when the season opened and it was a forgettable season on so many levels. But you know. Chris hogan was their starting wide receiver. He's now in the national lacrosse league. And now i'm not saying the jets are loaded a wider zero of sun. But all of a sudden it's like a it's gotten to the point where jamison crowder especially with the emergence of elijah. More people are going nuts about in every right about the jets having an amazing initial camp with the team. That crowder doesn't really have a spot. He was there clear cut number one last year. We'll see how that works out. Well i i would like to say They should keep them. Yeah i think. I think smart teams need like four or five options now in the passing game and the jets are one of those teams that has. It's awesome and shout out to chris hogan by the way we were there while he was making some catches in the fourth quarter of the super bowl. Comeback against the falcons. Chris hogan a little bit of a forgotten player in that game made some pretty big plays in that game. Chris actually lost a sandwich bet. Because i think i had a sandwich bet something along the lines of the heat have one hundred twenty yards receiving. Didn't go that high. But i know he had at least four or five catches in some big place. I because i blocked out a lot of that superbowl second half. But i do remember more with the miami dolphins as an undrafted free agent chris hogan seven eleven always open. Yeah he was one of those the great underdog stories of hard knocks about seven or eight years ago. Greg check in here. you know. We're this on this podcast. We're tracking that. Denver broncos quarterback rain very close. I'm not putting them in the show anymore. Let's stop this place and you had pointed out. No i think it's only fair. It's only fair. Greg because when you you wanted to surface von miller quotes when he was apparently giving a little nod teddy bridgewater as the guy. He wants to be the quarterback. I must just let you know that bonds going both ways on this one okay. So they're asking him. They're asking him about aaron rodgers and said listen. I got ignore all that stuff in a why. Hold on wait a minute. He said we've got drew lock. That's who were running with. That's who were going into the season with until anything changes greg. That is a shot across your bow directly. Well maybe he maybe. He's a leader on the team. That heard you know lock wasn't too happy about these other congress. Now he's trying to make up for it. You know people have talked at that. Can when suga greg up a little bit mark down this but i mean Pointed out to me. I just recently teddy seventeenth. Qbr last year thirteenth completion percentage over expected. The stats are the stats. The stats don't lie. You know they don't never lie. That's true day. They're having a tough time though the receivers dealing with quarterbacks because people are saying that drew locks passes and i'm not saying the guy is mr accuracy but that they come in fast hard. But the jetties balls like ted. He's throat through football. Throws are like these looping more looping arrangements where it's tougher to they don't come to you as quickly and so it's you can't. They're not both quarterbacks very different. Which one would you rather have. I'd rather have the catchable ball. And we've seen those drew lockett rocking bats. I ran into the line since since college. I want chad pennington after his third shoulder surgery. Looper comeback player of the year. He made it work finals awesome. He was awesome by the way since. It's the total offseason depth. Right now i do have a chad pennington. Take i think. I i think he's. He's now like us the some sometimes as a as a not a punchline. But it's like. Oh yeah this guy who was nice. Overcame like shoulder new people do. I don't think understand. What a baller. Chad pennington was. He is historically underrated like he had incredible quarterback skills and if he had a better situation points like he would have won even more games. He was a great player. That's all i'm saying. I think what he really got dinged for more was he was in the. Tom brady draft and he was a first round. Pick so everyone all the jets they blow it. Tom brady one hundred and eighty seven. Pick slater but yes especially before he got hurt. One of the better jesse's of the twenty years is one paddington replaced an aging vinny testaverde and the jets won the division and a playoff game in two thousand and two he was a legit bad ass. Hurt his shoulder his next level like the throws he could make an attempt because of his accuracy is one of the best throwing quarterbacks of all time in terms of putting it where he wanted and with the play action he really was. It was the best quarterback in my lifetime until this kid. That's the aaa kid came along. Wade wilson is now. he's already superseded. So that's the way. I'm trying to be positive about this only in the news. I did a little search of this. So i had the article in front of me and it came up the spanish language version for espn dot com. And i just thought the headline was funny so here. It is dallas cowboys then Zeke elliott in lahore former day. Su vida which means sound the trouble or graver. that means dallas. Cowboys on zeke elliot. He's in the best shape of his life in.

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