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Uncertainty. Of male just like we have to accommodate the certainty of traffic and getting to the polls, plus or other otherwise, you can just stop it off into which now a growing number of receiver ballot boxes, So there's no reason no excuse. This is just another Roque judgment by a judge who It's taken, you know, legislates on the bench. And do you think allowing anybody to bring in absentee ballots for a voter would lead to a massive fraud. But certainly can and that That actually is more problematic to me than the equally problematic at least, if not more problematic than the than the number of days for counting and that is the ability to have Take your ballots and deliver it And then the ability to, you know, basically ballot harvest and you can imagine going to the tournament facilities and college campuses and things like that. And we've seen very, very clear evidence of this kind of activity in the state of California, and we're now approaching the level of enabling if we're not careful in Michigan. Do you see any value in calling an emergency session of the Legislature to pass a resolution or statute that would state the constitutional right of the Legislature, TTO make and change election laws? Well, you probably will pass a resolution. We don't need to call an emergency because we're in session now. Um, but you know, it escapes me as to how we what we would change. We already have laws in place. And so we passed. Another lobby wouldn't necessarily need to change it. We just need the federal judges to do. Ah, support the laws that are already inflation properly interpret them. Of course, if you pass along that died out there, we would, even if we could tweak it. I don't get the governor's signature around it so it would end up being Basically an effort in demonstrating that were serious, but I'm not sure it would produce many fruits on be different if we had like minded governor. And that would support such a thing. But right now, I think it be a jester that would look look like a gesture but not have much impact. All right. So we'll be watching this court case to see how how it plays out and where the where we will end up at the end of this. We appreciate my chickie coming on the show. Thanks so much. You're welcome to take them. All right. We're opening up the phone lines after the break. 1 808 5909571 808 590. W. J r right Now let's check traffic with Rich Lisinski. This report is sponsored by T Mobile for Business T Mobile business Advantage Get up to 90 Days of unlimited free on business plans via bill credits when you switch plus taxes and fees stop by for details over 50 gigabytes per month have lower speeds during congestion Video at 4 80 p c t mobile dot com. Drivers. They're getting by slowly on U. S. 23 cell phone between Ida West Road and Somerfield. Remember the I 94 eastbound ramp to range road. It's closed for construction until 7 p.m. expected lanes on I 75 North bound between I 6 96 and 11 Mile. Also on I 94 westbound between telegraph and E course and you're right Lane is closed for repairs on the pier Road cell found between Drina Road and Indian would until 5 P.m.. Now, W. J. R, Whether first from the Weather Channel sponsored by the Metro to try chapter of sheet metal and air conditioning contractors National Association smack smack the contractors fabricate, install in service,.

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