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All right, stop folks. Stop. Stop and folks. I'm not putting on stuff to show. I'll stop the show. Folks, I'm not playing games. I'll stop the show. That's enough employees. If you want to exuberance, this is a New York show. That's supposed to be that exuberance is the West Coast. That's my whole point. Applause is killing this city. You understand me? The West Coast exuberant enthusiastic people, that's what they're supposed to be, because it's Paradise on earth and they're happy and enthusiastic, perpetually surprised by everything that goes on. The mountains, the beach and I say, ah, everything they do. They've done it a hundred times, but it's the first time. They want to go to the store here. Midwest humble hardworking had to form. So they got that personality. The south very hard, very polite, overly polite because, you know, you could get a little violent. If you're not careful, and I don't know about you, but I got to conceal carry permit myself, you know? New England is like, they're always getting hit by a water little mist from the water. A New York is New York. But everybody says we are. Rude opinionated, pushy, loud, fast walking, saw casting. Why is that? But when people don't understand is we what's rude to the rest of the country is polite to us and vice versa. Because if I go to a pizza place, you know, give me a slice. That's polite, because you're not trying to hold the line. There's a line, and you're trying to solve if you go into a piece of place like hi, how are you? You must be hot working back there. That's rude. You know what I'm saying? There's no stools. They want you to walk and eat your food. You have to fold your food and what? I remember once you and I was a little kid, we went to Maine on a family vacation to me. We go to the general store. I wanted to kill myself in 5 minutes. I was like, get on. You walk in there and the guy's like, oh, I haven't seen you around. Sarah, who cares? Give me my. What do you care? I give him my soda. Look, visiting, no, I live here. I was just very shy, as my first day out of the house. He knew in town, no, I'm the mayor. I just got elected, actually. But yeah, I mean, New York, it's only like somebody's hurrying you somehow. It's just a rush kind of, but that's the thing is it's a pedestrian city. It's a city for walkers, not cause. That's why, if you'll notice, every car acts like a person and every person acts like a car. Pedestrians are in charge. They walk like you've seen a hundred times. They walk on the street that cause you to stop and they drive us like, oh, I almost got hit by that person. That was close. It's just a rush and hurry think. I mean, you know, he was a little kid. I'd be in charge, bless me, father. And he's like, yeah, yeah, we know, come on, hurry up. Watch Colin Quinn, the New York story, only on Netflix..

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