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There wasn't any better. It needs to be better. Needs to. We haven't given up one first down in three years playing defense. Okay. So that is to me if you look at it that was a guy who was very ready to answer that question in gym shorts. But we all know that there have been several circumstances where this is fourth and long third and long or third and a lot or whatever and either get close to the stakes or they get a I f five times the season eagles given up a first down of third and fifteen or fourth fifteen now maybe in a different defense, not the one that Zach was referencing to Jim. But we all know the point there been too many times where the eagles play too far off. In that almost prevent if you will and give a big chunks yardage. It's a valid question by Zack Berman affiliate dot com and. You know, Jim pulled the lawyer act there with that answer. But let let circle back to a couple of different things one. Let me be really clear about this. I want no parts of commercial Carmelo Anthony under any circumstances. He's done. He's bad for teams. Why do you think Houston has gotten rid of him in a hot second? Why is that? Is that a coincidence that he's out of here or out of there that quickly? It's not a coincidence. They know he's done. They know he's bad for a team Oklahoma City wanted no parts of them. And the Knicks couldn't get rid of him. What does that tell you? You can't play. And he's a good teammate. I don't want any parts of. I don't care that. He first of all he can't create a shot anymore. He could ten years ago, but he can't anymore. I like I said earlier if you can get Korver for nothing. Absolutely. I'd be in favor of that. He brings you a dimension that you don't have off of your batch guy who can shoot it. So I would absolutely do that in a second. I would do that. But I get the frustration with Schwartz. I get it. You know, if you look at the defensive numbers, you want to say hollow you wanna call it. Whatever. The points per game is not dramatically different from last year. And that is the ultimate stat. But we know when watching this team the problem is they can't get a stop. When you need the worst. They can't. The offense has been the bigger issue without question this year. And they're not nearly as banged up at other the running backs the situation is not great. But they're not nearly as banged up as the defenses. But that said we know from watching this team the defense hasn't been good enough either. They just haven't they don't take the ball away. And they don't get stops. In the biggest of moments we've seen it now, and how many different games Carolina, Tennessee, Minnesota Dallas whenever the eagles when the offense finally woke up in the second half Sunday night. And they scored Dallas go right down the field and score again. And just take that momentum right back. I mean, that's been the case all year. They don't get takeaways. Therefore, there's never a short field for the offense which doesn't make their job easier. And as I started the show off by saying Doug Peterson been exposed. He's been exposed. It's okay. To say he was great last year. He has not been great this year. You know, we gotta stop resting on that laurel everybody appreciates it. Everybody loves the fact that they finally won one. Okay. I grew up here lived here my whole life. I appreciate it too. But we're onto the next one, and we're dealing with the here. And now, not the ven. And if you look at the job that he's done this year. It hasn't been good enough as a head coach. And it hasn't been good enough as a as a quasi offensive coordinator. He just has it play caller, whatever you wanna call Doug. They've been predictable. They've been a team that hasn't been able to cash in the red zone. Like they did last year. And I think a lot of that has with Frank Reich and John D Filipo not being here. One hundred percent. Now, it was inevitable that when you have success. The guys are going to leave. It's inevitable. And Frank Reich. It's a head coaching gig good for him. And he's doing a nice job with cults, and John D Filipa will be a head coach probably next year. And he's doing a good job with the Vikings. You got a lot of weapons but he's doing a good job with the Vikings. So that was going to happen. But what did you do to replace those guys? You know, what we're seeing now is some of that dynamic playcalling may not have just been Doug. Josh and fish down. Josh you're on ninety four back pay. Hey, what's up up? Josh first-time caller here. Expense. I wanna talk about the eagles and one thing one big difference. We had a really the last last year with an easy. Schedule rolling pretty easily. We may be only be clots. Time you now it seems like every game we have to be caught because we're facing tougher team. But it was this a tough game this week. Now, I think they're definitely worth. Right. I mean, I hear Josh. Here's the thing neck if you want to say the saints one hundred percent, I'm waiting the Cowboys coming off getting spanked at home. That's not a tough game. That's the game. You got to win at home period. That's not a hard schedule. That's not playing well enough. No, I agree. But I feel there had to reach in the bag of clots that they didn't have. And that's that was a problem. Probably they. Because of the tough, schedule and expose. I would say more things they were struggling against like even quarterbacks you could do a quick pass even last year. Now this year like Fitzpatrick quick passes, and I feel they they still struggled with season quarterback. Now, he didn't get a lot of them last year. And when they did they were able to get some clutch moments out. Yeah. I mean, they certainly haven't had the clutch, gene. That's for sure. I mean as many when the eagles really started to get on a roll they started to beat teams. But they had some close games. That's for sure. And they figured out ways to finish. Take the Atlanta game in the playoffs. Right. We we tend to forget now because they went on to kill Minnesota. And then how crazy Super Bowl was? But you know, they barely escape that Atlanta game. But they did just enough this year. It's the opposite. They're finding ways to lose games. Yeah. Absolutely. Absolutely. I agree that it's not. I think clutches the big thing. And I don't know if it's a team. Maybe you're right. Maybe. That'd be and had some help from the last offensive coordinator. I don't know what it is. Or is it just? I think I think they we will momentum. They were able to bring over from having an easier schedule. Now, we're dealing with the tougher. Yes. But here's the thing. Josh, thanks for the call, brother. I I don't buy. Granted there the Super Bowl champs their schedules. Definitely gonna be tougher. But you're the Super Bowl champs. I mean, you can't beat the likes of the Cowboys at home. In a game that you have to have that you put yourself in a spot that you have to have you can't win that that's not a tough schedule. That's you not getting it done period. That's you not playing well enough. You get up on a team seventeen nothing heading into the fourth quarter at home Carolina who Pittsburgh slaughtered last week took him apart. And you can't finish they score three straight touchdowns. And and a two point conversion, and you do nothing. That's not a tough schedule. That's you not playing well enough. I can't put this on a tougher schedule. I'm sorry. There's too many excuses being made for the team to begin with whether it's injuries or or anything else. They don't want it enough. Our greatest fear that they would become fat cats because they want a Super Bowl and not give the proper effort have come to fruition. They've come to to to to be true as hard as it is to accept as eagles fans, you need to accept.

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