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Make an effort to <hes> really a we saw the hog father tonight inaction kate. I liked that that yeah what'd what'd you think of jack's offer of four weeks of safety. I mean queue but like i am going to guarantee safety unless you literally are in control control of everyone else right brand did cliff actually consider this in the diary room. That's a real good gotta think about that. This was go play in the big brother game with the producers and giving them a little material later lead as lilly what is literally what it said our ass saying around. I don't really believe it so that was an offer he could refuse unfortunately father that was that was all right so did this thing too right right yeah. He did at least for one second finger tap at least at least for one once i can. He did that so we let's. Let's let's talk about tommy and his h h and this is really a very tricky week that we're going to go into because of we're going to have the field trip which means that. We're going to have a third nominee in play which also means that we are going to only have six people voting the next week so depending on who's up on the block. That's going to really end up tilting the scales sales will one way or another and with tommy only having a couple of allies in the house between cysts and christie and potentially nick at this point that the those that voting block of three if they are not in the on the block <hes> then they're going to have a lot of power especially if tommy is going to potentially break a tie one way or another and there's a lot of different different ways this can go sideways so since tommy is immune from the yes. I believe he's not going to so just to reset how the field trip is going to work so the america has been voting since last sunday somehow if they could find where the votes the kaelin did you vote not yeah yeah well. That's what he would vote for christie's and hall holly. Okay you gordon jackson. Did you know there's journalists. Though this journalist emma journalist est- your journalists still okay brian. Have you been voting no on a journal. That's what i haven't been voting and absolutely not anybody will tell you. Bryant is completely impartial. He's not gonna fractional. That'd be yes. That's exactly what i am. You know i it's too hard to find the page. Bread can find it i don. I am obsessed with this show. I still can't find the page. No i really don't the vote for i mean vote for jackson christie and says oh okay jack whispering now. Here's where it's save. Jack was probably somebody who was in the top three. He's gone. He's out of the mix out. Dummy is probably somebody who is in the top and now he's taken out of the mixture mr definitely s._t..

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