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Roofer care needed I need the flashing replaced around my chimney area which is the best my family room okay but just in front of that I have a two car garage and I was considering like lifting the roof at the give me more living space above the garage and just extending out like a flat rate of over top of the family room and then I would need all that re route so first I do have a small flashing a repair needed that in that family room area okay but I didn't really want to replace or just fix that maybe I was gonna wait do the whole like remodel of raising the rates and then was wondering if you had reputable contractors that you have worked with the kids you know maybe give me an estimate on that procedure if I chose to do that rather than just right here the flashing area absolutely so first off I want to say if your pronunciation is Thalia I love your name that's that's the name of our oldest daughter so well down there second regarding the small leak I would suggest regardless of what you're gonna do with the remodel a flashing repairs are usually severely minor and less it's getting into removing cladding or or tearing apart chimneys or anything like that in in even if you're going to move forward with the remodel there are ways to temporarily stop the water from coming in you definitely don't want to keep allowing water to get in your structure because it can create a lot of issues regardless of the remodel so that's the first thing I think you're probably looking at something that's that's going to end up being fairly minor in those instances as far as the remodel above the garage and then you know raising the roof above you your living space and all that I've got a couple of contractors that we we do quite a bit of remodel work out west you know the contractors to do roofing siding exterior is whatever it is and they are you know top notch professionals in in our opinion they've got a lot of very pleased clients you know that there were there working and their quality is in my opinion seconds of non yeah we try not to associate with anybody who who doesn't reach that bar anyway one of them is W. Joseph properties and they're located in Gotha and then another one is liberty development and they are located in Winter Park if you are if you were to shoot us a message on our website then I can make sure that we message you back with their contact information if you can't find it but I would definitely have have those two gentleman come out and and take a look at what you need and and they'll probably be able to give you a pretty pretty close ball park on square footage pricing you know and and you would have to get plans and engineers and all that kind of stuff to make sure that it's all signed dos and passed with the building department but those would be too great resources for you thank you very much I would like to have you got them out and give me a quote for repairing that flashing around my chimney just so that I don't have any future leak there in near future leak in my tire eight a family room area right now it is I we had the big rain and I didn't have any problem okay I did try to feel it you know temporarily might sell with just you know on the third home depot stuff like that but that's just a temporary fix I don't know how long it'll be before it went through it the three model so would you guys be interested in coming out and giving me a quote are you injured to maybe do that repair yeah absolutely so you can you can either give us a call or text us at four oh seven six five four four four two six or you can schedule we're we're doing a transition on our scheduling software and so if you're not able to schedule online then just go ahead and text the number but our website is W. W. W. dot telco construction dot com T. A. L. C. O. construction dot com and we can come out there and take a look at it no obligation no cost for that much to decide to move forward with the repair contractor information okay ma'am does your phone number in the nine seven yes it does okay would you mind if chase bank writes down that number four of the for the talk yeah I think people who we can we can reach out right after the show and and talk to the contact and then you write the number down to chase off your board the javelin okay really good that's good job yes Sir okay what is the flashing around like a Gemini what is as that that metal that we see around guests it's the metal so close that gap between the roof deck and the exterior walls and a lot of times especially on older homes the roof goes right up to the backside of a chimney without what's called a cricket so a cricket is basically just like a triangle shaped roof that's built on the backside of the chimney on the high side of a chimney and what that'll do is help divert the water to the left and right of the chimney so it doesn't have to the backside with brunch forcing kind of splash its way up over the flashing know the cricket makes noise no not the curriculum makes noise now I made this this kind of cricket makes a difference I have an aloe on my roof offering me my insurance company this is a text drums sixteen seventy my insurance company has removed rough coverage for my policy on my home got its CEO in March of nineteen ninety seven okay please explain what a CEO is that would be a sin I'm sorry go ahead no go ahead and then the and that would be a certificate of occupancy now can insurance company just arbitrarily come in and say I'm going to remove that policy it's it's so it's not necessarily arbitrarily what they're doing is they're looking for building permits to see if you've had you refer placed they'll actually send inspectors out to take a look to see what kind of condition your roof is from the street they don't typically walk up on your property and jump any rules they can also use you know satellite imagery Deleuze that nowadays to kind of check on the condition of the rules and so if you haven't had a permit pulled to replace the roof on a home that old typically they'll send out letters and say listen you know if you don't address your roof issues or prove that you replaced it you know in a certain time span then we're going to go ahead and drop you as as and in short all together or they can remove the the rules coverage portion of your policy so it's it's getting to be kind of common these days it's quite surprising at and how often I hear that all right in through if you need to follow up on that sixteen seventy give us a call at eight four four two two zero zero ninety six five eight four four two two zero zero ninety six five I'm thinking that might weatherman past when I was in radio in Missouri I'm thinking that tonight would be a perfect night to check our insulation and check how good our roof is because we're expecting frost tonight it's probably one of the better days of the year to go in your attic sure it's it's you don't want to do that in the summer so if I go out in the morning if and all the houses around me still have the frost on the roof tiles or even the shingles but now my rough it clean as a whistle am I losing energy so yes so so.

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