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It's like oh, he's a big star is on empires. It's like nobody. No share of people people watched empire. Didn't know who he was. Right. Right. All right, Lynch, provided a response to me, making fun of him following the band fish which was pretty funny. He tweeted me back. It's. You can go fuck yourself with a P A an apt response. A respectable response. I liked it. I liked it a lot. Comey writer. Yeah. All right. Let's see. We got a clip from Denver comedy, works, what are we got in there? This is you talking about dick picks dick picks. Here we go. I've never taken a dick pic. The ass, you know why you welcome. You ever get a stanch grab? What's the snatch version? We need a name for that. Well, we got a label it something that, right? There's no reason to take a picture my day by took a picture my dick and I sent it to you guys. Go. There you go. Dick. I can't see him before. It's not big. It's novelty about it doesn't have like a dog leg or. Saying trap, or anything just, just dig, like no reason. Taking a picture of my dear it'd be like, if you and your buddy was, like walking down the street you're like. Is that a Camry? We got beige with a cloth interior get over here. By those. Do that shit. Eight thousand got less than ninety on it. Get a shot of this. Reason whatsoever to take a picture of my deck. Although you should wait a couple of beats before you reject my cock, and such a wholesale fashion. I go, I'm not gonna take pictures, you know, you're. Seri- about Dixie elements, a picture year dead. It's true. But let it breathe. Pretend you're thinking about. Picture. Corollas knock. Forget like that. Like you're digesting a little bit said your quick wholesale. Knacks. If my dick. My dick is so plain. Dick was a character in a sitcom. It would be potsy from happy days. Sweet kid in a card again. Do stand next, but we're not gonna spin off series. There were three like hot chick sitting in the front and the head to do that move that hot chicks. Do just like being hot you go. Well, there's a thing where you go, like I was gonna get naked and jump in the pool. But is pleased down thing where it's like okay. Do you have to pretend like first off? Maybe it'd be funny or whatever you don't have to, like, I, I think that I don't take picture my. Yeah. Thank you, like, okay, we get it. You're hot and you have to provide this commentary that lets us know that your hot rejecting my dick, I get it. Wow. But I mean you don't have to do that. But at the end of the day, I do that. There was a three top a hot chicks center front row. There were three hot chicks front row, who had too strenuously pretend like they didn't want to see a picture of my dick, but I knew what the truth pretending. They had to act. They are putting JJ arms level acting. Silent like JJ. Funny. There were checks, max Vanna. Oh, yeah. They're pretty hot. Yeah. He did not miss them. All right. Let's see what do we got here. The walking in our guests are walking. All right. So why don't we take our selves a break, and then we'll come back and chase Rick box who I think I saw at match game with the Alec Baldwin. I saw him. We'll talk to them right after this. The price tag on that. Hip new pair of jeans never says about forty dollars a box of mini marshmallow puff cereal isn't starting at four ninety nine. So is the price of.

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