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And that's what I see out of the guys. You know, we're, we're lucky you work with Brady, I work with Joel work with guys like that in that's that's who they are. They're the same thing. They're they're dreaming. They love the sport. They dive headfirst into it. They can't wait for it to start the second end we start talking about next year. You know, the schedule starts to come out, you get excited and you start which game we're going to do which, you know, should we do this winter that one? And. It's just, you know, it's like Christmas day when you start talking about the games, you know, you notice on Instagram, Twitter and stuff like all the herb streets class guys tweeting out a hundred days I can't wait. And that's really how we all feel about it. And, you know, I think that's the key like, you know, hopefully that carries over to people at home that they truly realize guys like good, do these things these jobs. I mean it's dream job since what we always wanted to do, and we work our butts off doing it. You know, but it doesn't always feel like work because we just love what we do. You know, I know you feel that way. Yeah. I mean, the one of the things that's, that's an interesting thing, always keep in mind is just you get such an ADR. I mean it's still different remains. I'm down on the field where you're kind of feel the energy in the crowd you feel everything players ran out of the tunnel. But it's like there's so much of a build up to this. You cannot wait for these games. Can't wait for the season and then all of a sudden you're in the middle of it. So you're kind of trying to balance richer? On. And you know, I'm not a you know, I didn't grow up in the broadcast business, obviously, the way some people dead, you know, Gus, I remember we show, the video of gossip I don't know where he was a news anchor. Probably twenty years ago way. Yeah. Looks like you have some of these people who Joe Davis, even though he's thirty has been doing TV for probably that does broadcast for twelve years, or maybe more than that. So, but for me, it's like okay trying to balance the Drennan that's coming inside with the exciting you have for the game on not just come out like a million like a rocket ship when when you're when you're might goes on kind of thing, and that's a skill. That is definitely a sale. So before I let you go. I've heard some great stories over drinks about about the world league. What's the story? You could tell our we we've taken to calling at the foot ball fire fest. One-storey comfortable sharing for the public about something that happened over in Europe when FOX was doing the the world league. I honestly that thing seriously. Even it all sounds made up. Go probably the funniest thing that, that resonates with people. Imagine this trae minutes. Still the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys people getting towards the end is probably couple years before he retired people are trying to talk of it into being an announcer, and saying that you really get is obviously seen sense, is really good at it. And for all reasons people thought he would be c really got every so smart smart Rum's game. All those things we knew we would be on TV today talk him into coming over there. And we were based out of Frankfurt and the dot year. And I think his game was open Duesseldorf. So it's like about an hour ride autobahn from Frankfurt and we all we all left. We had cars over there is world living there flex. Three months, and he had left with a different group and took off. We're all gonna meet up there for Jenner or something. And we're flying down the autobahn you know on your miles an hour..

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