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This Brazil other than the San Pablo's in. Next. The city boundaries. Turn world countries on it's not a city. Take whatever clinical procedures in the United States of America right here in the state of? Pennsylvania. Some. Pablo PA. Medication. Iran by a donkey. Pharmaceutic Astra's Zeneca. It it doesn't matter that it's. Different location. City, it's a world. Global Chemical I, get it I get it but it's something about these third world countries they're GONNA get it forms you drop dead Kakapo young man. Twenty eight our condolences he took more for the team I wouldn't do this in Brazil. To writing in Bethlehem and Allentown East La. City nobody falling out right now early September Astra Zeneca had paused UK trial I six days after a participant fell ill and on October twelve Johnson and Johnson also paused it. Trial after a participant experienced an unexplained illness, you still not comprehending what you're reading trial. This. Why? Do you. They just bake it and then everybody let's take it when you go. On like rats and stuff they did that. Phrase and. There was thousands of rats that died nobody said site. The, the rat advocate me. Of Pennsylvania. Maybe. But maybe they're developing it to. All right. What it in and we already have enough people dying from the actual pandemic that's going on right now we don't need them trial that they know eight ready city. Every every expert has said there's no way that they should even be at clinical trials right now and I agree with should either be doing clinicals right now sitting heavy other may something like me that of Apple Pie that came in a clinical trial. Payments. and. That was. The knit again you slowed down the process so you can make it right again when. Casualties of war you're right. They're not supposed to be having this right now I agree with you but they slowing it down because people are catching it they kept getting sick and the through. Potter was spotted game spotted a hustle game. They cut their family to check at scientists young man pass away and I'm sorry that people are getting sick. For the common. Good. Vaccine Two thousand twenty one you want to be the first one to sign up cine why when I went on the site There was a waiting list of two years. There were. People. Are you getting base for? Two thousand. Dollars. Like sixty, five, hundred. City. Life a sixty, five, thousand dollars down. This is longer than section eight looks. Up. Desperate people sitting I'll take take. Listening I'd say listen I had psychedelics in.

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