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Potato pr petito peo uh it's an all potato restaurants so you choose your basing either get like a big potato mashed potatoes ted are todd's see potato fries blah blah blah and then you can just top it with whatever you want they have hundreds of vegetables and meats and sauces doesn't that sound guidance how some real good uh when i was a kid and we were lucky enough to go to a fast food restaurant because my family didn't roll that way but when my dad when on a business trip my mama's like get in the car we're going to kfc uh but where we would go to wendy's i would always order a baked potato which is kind of weird when i think about it as an adult like for a kid to order a baked potato i didn't really dig on happy meals or hamburgers they're baked potatoes or so delicious you could get it with this bright orange melted cheese and broccoli and i learned today that i was not the only one ordering the baked potato like i thought that i was uh wendy cells a million baked potatoes a week so we are going to talk to the king of the baked potato his name is frank muir he is the ceo of the idaho potato commission uh and he's gonna fill us in on the history of the baked potato in america one of the our favorite stories goes back to the 1930s a gentleman by the name of a dario tofilau eti owned six restaurants in new york chicago in florida masuzo of course during the depression times and uh you try to be creative in finding an economically way to to fill up a plate and phillips customers and.

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