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What did you think. Lucy's stunt double no. I'm a combination of leuthi amrican terrifying. That's spartacus who is making lanes. Play thing or butler housekeeper. Yeah he is great. He stole this movie. A movie a remake of an italian film And i have not seen that. Italian films still. But i really enjoyed the birdcage. The american version nineteen ninety-six and it takes place in florida and pretty much ever seen that. Hankas areas character is in Has something very flirting floridian going on in the background. He's often shirtless. Yes or chest. Exposed stars robin williams nathan lane. Gene hackman nathan lane. Being the only gay person in this mike nichols film from many many years ago. This is the type of thing where like if they made it today. People would be outraged. I mean there would be people marching in the streets right. If you played this for last the same way you'd have to cast it very different but back then then. I think You know. I think it helped normalize some things so it's a fine the double edged sword. I understand about opportunity and all that and and been the outrage That that comes with it. I don't know about the outrage but understand people's point of view but at times i. I don't know if you could've found somebody to play the rub williams or hankas area character better than they were. They were playing them in in. This area stole the show. A little bit but You're at be problematic today. Might be number five four mitch mitch. Devises number five is nineteen. Eighty five film that i have not seen called summer rental bract directed by carl reiner and this is a scene where john candy walks on the beach. I have seen all of these scenes as well. Mitch sent them over. And if you are patriotic member you will have links in the show notes to all of these things that you could watch as well summer rental. But he chose the scene. He says shows a lot of florida's sad john candy kind of just walks away this this this poster or i should say the vhs cover was seen by me in many stores and most confused are views. Didn't know john candy was doing. Didn't know if it was supposed to be a metaphor for impeding on these girls but obviously is on them. What brian come hornets at show. I'm just saying we're not the jewish show seventy percent rotten tomatoes. Goddamn your love affair with rotten tomatoes long cheating for the gambling. Oh you probably are. What does that we heard from jail. You go you just text him competing on poster all right. It's funny what do you got. What do you got what you number. Four mitch's rental movie that maybe one day we will see. I got off. I need to flip. Jesus christ junior clips. This is much more. Florida as you might define it anderson because this takes place shrimp club. this is the strip club research seen from the big short twenty fifteen director. Adam mckay in this clip. Which i alluded to steve cornell lewd heads down to floor this is actually is is a poetry. The rhymes with nine hundred ninety nine homes rhymes with the big short while. Because this scene is the. I'm dealing with your fucking clips. The scene is the mirror image of that ninety nine homes. It's the harbinger of what's to come. Because whereas nine in homes that scene in that movie takes place in the fall out of the financial crisis this takes place doorstep. The lead up of the financial crisis. Steve curls character head down to florida where he wants to do some market research he ends up at a strip club aftershock into a couple of fuckin- doofus bros. about all the loans they are fucking twenty loans. This week he goes into a vip room at the strip club. Which i guess is the thing would know he goes in there with the stripper champions. Of course all he wants to do is talk to her and ask her questions and she's trying to dance fingers he's just sitting there. Play asking questions though. The real version might be different remember. There's there's an outtake i don't know about. The only wants to do is ask questions. She makes sure that her a little You know Pep is watching little pimp. Whatever the guy is the manager. He's not watching. And this exchange.

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