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Fifteen, seventy three. That's when he was burnt alive. Yeah. So this guy was also like Peter I think he was like some these dudes icing were sick motherfucker that some wrong in their head. That's probably all of these dudes fair. But starbucks she got. So it's gotta be one. Important. What can you tell me a beer? Usually only starving or like rabid wolves attacked people. That's what I'm saying it's rare even if you were. Bile Vulcan to forest. It's like pretty rare that wolves come out and. Attack creatures other than routes. Yes. It is not rare at all. Tell me your statistics that how many people were killed by wolves year nobody the exact number but I know it's to the point that if you see a coyote in your neighborhood, there's like I again, not the exact number but I'm going to say there's a seventy five percent chance so it will attack something or somebody around. Him Puppy inconvenient. But. You'll be dead are no doubt no I'll turn to a fucking wear with Bro. Turn to only someone that loves have to kill me. So you have to look me in the dead is when I'm aware of Wolf and kill me, you won't die. Silver bullet doesn't matter. Of you the best way to do. This way. You got you got you got fucking tongue far fuck. Tongue for the Fox. Fuck the far bucks. That's I gotta do we gotta get bend over? You gotTa Fuck. You got a picture this year you got Tom he's in the corner. And he's he's he's ready to transform. Aware with. Bright flashing lights. Carry upon of is shape shifting he's turning into. I feel. That wasn't good like. All right. Fuck I hate that fucking gorilla glue of during the. Like Dow Mansions turns into a gorilla King Kong shape shifting King Kong Cork fucking clinks. Park Concord Clark Clemson, and then he's fucking. Grill Joe Concluding. I was thinking of Ken Clark Kent from Fucking Superman. Fuck Him. So yes. So but in the sixteen I guess. On the sixteenth century like people are. Usually like that's what I'm saying rabid creatures don't really they. They. Do Man they're hungry they eat anything they see. Okay. They do how how do you? How do you think that tiger in the back yard man you have can I'm. Actually. That's fair. You can domesticate them I guess with a law fucking training a lot like that's what I mean like these aren't even wolves man these are like I'm talking about coyotes and how vicious they can be, and they are significantly less than fucking wolves are wissies strong. If a wolf is hungry and you're there, it will be like see what else I could find your fucking done. If this just hungry at that moment you're done now unless I'm like the Bee's master and I can talk to God I founded about animals to just today what. Hippos can run like fifty, k.? Yeah they're fucking fast. Hippo things are fucking. Why do they run pretty fast. I was like, what? The fuck a hippo. What's funny how does it run the fastest lives? The motion of the ocean. So we just go because he was like big though they're also fucking scary. CHOMP overhead one bite. I liked him I knew they I just I didn't even know they could run I. thought they walked in Swam. fucking run. They actually are pretty dangerous creatures. No it's like, I like glue used the weed pens now for the podcasts sometimes I hit it like a normal vape doing that one recording with one, and then like halfway through I was already having Scotch and I was like I'm fucking high. You don't have to on the podcasts you listen to me. Versus. Fox I can't. Oh, you will heed reading. Yes, that's dangerous. fucking pans all of a sudden I'm hall thing is normal vague because it kind of feels like it, and then all of a sudden you're like fucking red eye charges done. Chelsea's like that shit make sure I. So fucking red saw that thing. had. One of my girlfriends like I took one. About I was like and good night. Talk get tired I'll always remember the episodes were billy tried to attempt to get high and we will give Bong hits and then who like holy fuck for an hour and then be out. So. Obviously. In the sixteenth century, these were assumed be where wolves from old word meaning wear read meaning man and then Wolf obviously it's an English word like eating. It's now where Wolfman Wolf Man Wolf. That's why you have the Wolfman in the like fucking Universal Monsters Dracula Wolfman. You got the bride of Frankenstein. You got the Saskatoon Monster I mean the thing nice of them by the way to make him a bride nobody will ever. something. What? No I. Know How you. How Nice? Yeah but they. Have the movie actually has actually have I don't think I've never watched the bride of Frankenstein. Our. Maybe it's like an hour. That's what. We got Tony. Hawk play. Anyway I'M GONNA keep that in because Tony Hawk is faulk and find the remains. fucking. So sick. So Giles came from a wolf infested. Oh, we're still talking about Giles. Giles Recall Gills. But that's just like the present G. L. E.. S. G. I. L. L. E. S. This shows Charles. So fucking weird giles to me like a French name and maybe they named the Kids Avenue Reminds Butler Giles. Can you get me another drink of Brandy? Sounds like don't call Butler sir. Giles you fucking me some brand high. So like Giles came from like a wolf infested area were four people actually were tried as being where wolves between the fifteen, ninety, two and fifteen, seventy five. So do the math for I was one was ahead of the other one but fifteen, seventy, five to fifteen, hundred, fifteen, twenty to fifteen, seventy, five. We're know when people were getting accused. Giles's Town and France twenty, two, seventy, five because he was. He was burnt in. He was burnt and tried and fifteen, seventy, three other than hand. There's four other people that were tried to wear, which is fifty years though. I know it's still fucking crazy. Because like the fact that you're even with him and it was their Goto, it was there. They had no other explanations. Dishes she's a witch, is like right? We write the ones who a French accent, these women. Living. I'm.

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