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Yeah. That doesn't happen. Very often. Right. No. But I I like him. I mean, I think he's got great tape. Great athleticism. He's a guy that played corner. He's got those coverage skills that they value in covet at the safety position. And I think you know, like I could see him going in the first round. I could see him. You know, I could see him falling all the sixty one. This is kind of like a high end unrealistic, but kind of would absolutely love. He's there kind of pick. I'd like it if Trayvon Trayvon Molin was there cornerback. I think his tape was solid. I don't I like him. I mean, I like him. So I it's just it's not a love for me. But getting a guy that can contribute early. I think you could contribute next year. He's got the desirable length. He's got quality athletic traits. He played at a high level. His best tape was his last game of the year in the national championship. I mean, that's that's something to something to like, they're so I'd be happy with it. You'd have to talk me the Lonnie Johnson out of Kentucky. And that's just in general. The thing that is most desirable about him is athletic profile. But I don't think he's take tape was particularly good. And I don't think is lettuce ISM that he displayed at the combine really showed up on tape much either. The thing that you talked me into is, you know, Matt house. His coach is defensive coordinator at Kentucky is now the defensive coordinator here in Kansas. City or the linebacker coach here in Kansas City. I mean, if he if he goes and gets picked by the chiefs that means that, you know, Matt house gave the seal of approval on that. And you guys all know who I would hate if two if Ferguson was selected by the I know this is a broke the show's broken record. That's yeah. Flat Arkell, Jaylen Ferguson, if his eight point Rico was the first pick of the chiefs draft after trading all that draft capital to take a defensive end to to sign a defensive end like that would just infuriate shout out to the I don't remember who it was. But shout out to the guy that did this with us this week as we had those emojis instead of typing Jalen for Gibson's, eight dot eight. L I legit lulled when it was forty. It was really good good. We're going to we're going to ask Mattie all about Frank Clark him break him down. He's going to talk about his love it like it talked me into it and hate it. Then we'll talk to Craig about some trade scenarios some players that could be available, and that'll do it for the last episode of the AP draft show before the draft actually happens. Just as a reminder, we're going to be in-studio talking on head pride at on Thursday without a pick which is about everyone else else's pigs, and then Friday and Saturday, you will get podcast.

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