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Trails um you know he he on the field lob it you know they they rotate those receivers in so it's not the same group that's always working with brian hoyer or you know cj beth third or or map barkley uh they get to work with all sorts of different quarterbacks and uh to a man those quarterbacks she'll very secure and throwing the trent taylor and early on it was you know basically just kind of small stuff when uh you know they're going through their progressions and they need to check down to the slot guy but uh more and more it's it's those types of passes in in in deeper passes as well show um yeah the trust is there from the guy's throwing him the ball and um he's able to get open and and and get open deep sometimes as well and and i think that's something that maybe the forty nine ers warren expecting at least early on from krenn taylor but uh he's delivering he had he had three balls go is way in the preseason game he caught all three of them i mean and that that it that would be like a typical uh practice for him as well very very efficient uh i think it's just a matter of time before he's challenging for that slot receiver role which right now is going to germany currently but uh you know it's going to be hard to keep this guy off the field now was denver broncos coming in tomorrow and thursday for practices i mean is there one particular area you're looking at when you're on the sidelines watching this whole thing too so hopefully stand out against opposing team in this practice situation well you look at denver or and they've got such good pass rushers um and.

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