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Today's question coming in from A couple of good choices here about you know what Kevin's out in Pittsburgh. Let's talk about the steel was riding that two game skid, but still the number two team in the A F. C is they take on the Bangles here? Where do we rank him? In the A F C good teeth stealers for May, probably third or fourth year we fit between three and four. Person. Yeah, I'm going to say three only because the bills have have jumped. I'll say three. I agree with you. She's obviously bills and then steals from. Yeah, the Browns dangerous to the brown. Will they play at the end of the season? So that's gonna make that's gonna be probably one of the most telling games of this year. I think for the Browns gonna be fun. Think, Override the auto part to your car care needs, guarantee low prices, excellent customer service and ride the auto parts. Parts butter prices every day. And speaking to the Steelers. I'm riding them tonight as sharp Tierney. Nice week so 453 and one took that tough push with the Packers laying the eight they actually pushed on the number, Obviously, hence the push, but they're a big and then they got a little sloppy and Answers back doored. It's so 53 and one but I've got the Steelers tonight. Lane 13 against the Cincinnati Bangles. I as much as I've been down on the Steelers last couple of weeks here, predicting actually a couple of losses. I think they crush him tonight. So I am gonna lay the 13 also want to remind you Sunday, the NFL on CBS has a slate of game shape of the playoff picture. The coats clash with the Steelers, as well as key matchup featuring Washington and the Browns. Get set kick off coming up at noon Eastern on Pacific JB and the guys on the NFL Today Sunday the N F L is on CBS. All right. So before we get to the blast here, um let me just connected few of the Heisman dots in case everybody is stores, not everybody. Some people are wondering, um the amount of votes cause I looked it up to. But Santa actually got more detailed, good stuff here, Mike. So there's 927 Heisman voters, all right? There's 79 total winners member Archie Griffin. We've had on many times in studio a couple times you want twice with the Buckeyes, and so 8.5% of the total vote is former winners but again Um you know, some of the gentlemen of passed on, sadly, so was probably closer to 5 to 6% of the vote is directly correlated to the winners. All right. Just see if you want to do the math. There get a sense because we were kicking that around. But Roughly 5 to 6% of the vote is actually from the former winner. So they go teak. We'll see ready for the blast. Who we got here? Yep. Let's do it. All right. Let's hit it. So.

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