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Governor westmore is nominee to head the state police is facing some pushback from lawmakers in Annapolis, lieutenant colonel Roland butler was tabbed for the job a couple of weeks ago. But Marilyn matters is reporting that some lawmakers are pointing out numerous complaints from other Maryland state troopers who worked with butler concerning how he interacted with other black officers. Butler himself is African American in October of last year, three black troopers filed a lawsuit against the state alleging discrimination and the Justice Department is investigating those claims. Butler has a hearing on March 20th before the Senate executive nominated nominations committee. The cherry blossoms along the tidal basin are way ahead of schedule thanks to this winner's mild weather. The WTO's John dolman reports tonight, that may not be the only way a changing climate could be affecting the trees some over a century old. The waters of the tidal basin have been steadily climbing up the sea walls, a couple places, high tide every day, twice a day. It spills over. Some of the cherry trees get inundated by the waters in some have even had to be removed. Of course, the seawall around the tidal basin in west Potomac park is also sinking. It has been almost from the very beginning. So we're in the early stages of a project to replace the sea walls, about a $120 million project, Mike litters is a spokesman for the National Park Service, the intention is to shore up the areas of the seawall that are sinking on the tidal basin, anchor them to bedrock so that we don't continue to have this problem. John dome in WTO news. Animal shelters in our area are running out of room and economic stress may be to blame. A number of dogs being surrendered or picked up a surge this year, their effects counties animal shelter director, risa courier, telling our nurse partners at NBC four that any one considering should reach out to the shelter first. His chances are we might be able to provide some supportive resources that can really assist families in staying together with their pets. Loudoun county animal services has had almost 210 dogs come into their shelter in the last three months. That's double last year's number, they're waving adoption fees through March 19th

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