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Day that wasn't anything bad about the Kardashian. It was about Scott Disick roasting. There you go taking down in two seconds. Meanwhile, I put up something about Michael Rapaport and I don't know if I can curse. I'm not going to curse but you suck what Kevin Durant said to Michael Rapaport and like that just totally flied. No problem. We are running out of time here on the zoom before we go. I just want to ask one last thing. What what's next for you. I know we talked about getting back outside, but where do you see the broadcast boys going? Like what can the fans expect? What's the next level? Yeah. I don't know how much we can say about YouTube series, but we're definitely going to be dabbling dead. Into some form of the most extreme sports, you can find perhaps of how much YouTube with experts all over the world. Hopefully starting soon. We're trying to get some sort of podcast type content off the ground kind of like this like recording zooms is doing long-form conversations, but we've also been traveling a lot traveling a lot. So it's tough making more Tick Tock may be judged by the content a little bit. But yeah a lot you could also expect a lot more of the same at the same time. I think you know House of highlights has been doing a show Downs where they kind of do these challenges for money with you know, Tick Tock YouTube Instagram influencers and stuff like that and that's becoming more of a series that it's looking like Brody and I are going to be like the official host of there's one month of June and then yeah, man, it'll just be us trying to figure out ways to continue doing what we're doing on to type everyone loves but also trying new things and trying to diversify what we've already been up to age. So that we can kind of reach a new audience and a new level. You know what I mean? Cuz I feel like once you get up there to where like our following is and frankly you're following us as well. Like it gets tougher and tougher to keep building upon that that's what I mean. So you definitely know what you mean and I'm trying to do a lot of the same. I will say one thing put me on the list for The Showdown. I want to come in for that Cash and June. Let me in there. I'm not knock out. If you're playing knockout get me in there and would not have stood a chance Last competitor. It might have been to hatch has been the easiest $100,000. This woman has ever worn. It was Jenna bendy, right? Yeah. She's she's like, I've met her a couple of times. She's nice. It didn't ruin the event but it was just I felt a little bad that for everybody else because it was quite immature versus a professional and like it would not even as like she took away a lot of The Dramatics of the event even though we still had a great time like it just the conclusion was already determined. Yeah. Yeah would love to have seen more like back and forth and stuff like that, but Jenna dead. She's built a little too different for those fellows, but that work like usually I would never get excited for a work event. But that Showdown we're we're bringing in all of these different creators. Like I said in some sort of Avengers white is actually very exciting to me because we got the beat all of these people to make fun of them. Right and this is without them realizing it. All right? Well, that's pretty much it. I want to thank you guys for coming down on the broadcast boys. It is the broadcast boys, right just broadcast Place handles broadcast boys. Yeah. We're the broadcast boys. Okay at the broadcast boys Tick Tock YouTube hit them up House of highlights. Yeah. Thank you guys. Appreciate it Frank. Appreciate you broke looking for help you..

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