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And they're like this. We are going to make because by the way, Phyllis hilarious analysis color commentary about Purdue. Hey, hi, laughing. Phil, I have not gotten sick, filthy, AT and T. Buffalo Wild Wings. Not bad. Not too bad. There are a lot of places. What greeted disagree? I shot. You know, what I'm happy to Bob memory, internet guy. Got a TV commercial. I am internet people. Getting TV commercials is awesome. It's a big deal. I would assume though that is not gotten the internet push that they assumed it would though that's in my head from a marketing strategic just like the orange vanilla coke marketing strategic people wanting to be the official drink of TV timeouts is not a good angle. Buffalo Wild Wings. I assume thought they would get a huge internet push from it. I'm not sure they have how do we feel about like the Genesis halftime show? Then good move or terrible move. Is that the one where they literally had trash player garbage the first time, I think that was bad optic, Sarah. Genesis halftime show trash it's like bad optics bad idea. Are they doing it for March madness? No, just caring Monday night football. I don't mind that type of shit. I don't mind like innovation into entertainment to keep people whose something like attention, or whatever I think marketings changing a lot. I think there's hits and misses on everything. But just. The strategy to dump think about how much money orange vanilla coke put into that game so much it has to be like, maybe a fifteen twenty million dollar deal right there. I mean, I've seen that commercial way more than any of the other ones fifteen twenty million dollar idea right there for the NC double A March madness. Probably if I had to guess how many variations a coat do we need at this point like coke. Original coke sales are falling off is because of diets and Kito come out with you don't make us hanger version of your hey, I'm a big coke zero. They figured it out zero. Cooks. So right. I've been coke zero guy for solid solid. What seventeen eighteen day at least show? I mean when I learned there was no carbs and coke zero. I wonder all eight. Yeah. When I learned I didn't know that they are Suzanne learned at no carbs. It's like, so I I'm like fucking a merely shot gutting coke zero at the house just trying to get it down. We're talking about stuff instead of drinks. When did the war on corn syrup start with what light that's a question? I quite knows quartz. Ten was bad feeling coming into corn syrup for a long time. So the informed zone movement. The informant is when I learned the corn syrup and everything it's a Matt Damon movie where I learned the corn syrup is literally in everything that movie a lot better. Downside, so good. But corn syrup is in everything. And I guess it's very terrible. I guess it's pretty terrible for you. But it makes everything tastes good assured us act to the coke flavors for a second. I think this came about from those vending machine or not the vending machines, but the fountain drink machines wage ones. Getting any selection of any flavor. You want inside of their to lots and they're like, no, no people probably mixed it. Oh, yeah. People were mixing all kinds of wondering. I'm wondering if there is data in there, they feed them back to them. People drinking a shadow this orange in here too. I don't I don't know. How the I'm honestly I have no the drink to be incredible. I I'm a coke zero guy. Amoco huge huge have been forever. Seventeen eighteen days longtime two weeks, that's an eternity on the internet. But the the marketing strategy to pay fifteen twenty million and have the angle be that we want to be the official drink of TV..

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