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Plus i think he got to cut them some slack. Though because there is a definite switcheroo with anthony johnson Probably had a better version of it. They had to slapped together. It's just like a red paint. Brush across the thing and then for photos that much. What the posters. Yeah chris i morgan. Ah no i said what did i say. Mickey rourke of fucking. That's hilarious hickam them. So what do you. What are you guys. Got though On the spaniard against sergio sergio's first title fight at a huge decision. Leaving the usc and now after a long lay-off ballot or you know it's been a year in the making this fight when he guys think both guys are probably been just kinda is waiting for that opportunity. I think both guys are going to really be on top of their game on a friday. I'm picking sergio just because he's a lot younger than One and i don't Sergio has really been so much worse as one has and i can always take a toll on you equipment. Flight to fight. Hasn't really been like that exciting down. So that's why. I'm going to pick surgical of winning this fight. Probably by unanimous decision now to keep him. I don't think he can do him a finnish actually unless he does a gets a clean. Take down and submission old champion. Were sergio pettis via showtime junior kick. Sergio's dangerous from anywhere. I think so. Winds got his hands full. I think he knows that he does have an unfortunate unlucky trend on his side. Where did dillashaw bold out guys that. He's been training with What's it called i. He was training with the doing the tough recently. Sent an interview helping out with that. You've got a of stuff that he's been committing to hopefully ease razor sharp at night because if he's not i think that can beat him. I agree with you rob. It's gonna be tough to finish one but he's he's just a grind man. He got to go to a decision by the able to go five rounds. I think sergio's game for it. But i think he could be scary at any portion of the fight leading into the fifth round so sergio pettus the new champion at one. Thirty five showtime junior kick. Wouldn't it if he wins the fight via like any kind of kick. and then the the The person interview way that we're going to call it the showtime junior kick. Run out of the shadow of my brother. Call of the showtime right. Call it or what. If it's a showtime like a spinning back kick with the different version of it and just it doesn't matter they're going to call of the showtime junior kick all right fair enough fair enough. Yeah how fast will be. Anthony john to knock this guy out is what the cap. I'm gonna say the first round match. Because i really don't know much about jose other than he's a good grappler jitsu practitioner. But like i mean what just kind of a. It's kind of bad news. anthony johnson. If he gets down do says a really really big dude. I mean he's not that experienced man seven and two right now seventy two not a lot of experience So i know man and he has to. He has balls or stepping in against fucking anthony johnson rounds or he somebody. Anthony can johnson sparks him. I think he's sparked him another two rounds. I mean because look rusty but should he was trained for yoel romero. Romero was fight was good because if you'll remember to take him down that's where his bread and butter is but you out doesn't give a shit standing bangs and you never knew what with played out but who knows if we'll actually see that play out. It's one of them fights that never was. I guess you can say but deaf happen. Johnson by knockout of dave says under two rounds. I'm saying under two seconds by showtime junior kick. Just a running superman fund man. It's what he is going to be. It's going to be called jake. Paul punch now. We'll get into after. We have predictions for this on the unique app. Nate we got to the other fight that interests me too. It's been a long time. Coming for michael benham age taxi fight. Topnotch guys ballots and derek. Anderson is one of the toughest test. Now it's about time eighteen years later. That michael van pages active fighting some competition so he's struggles with guys you know that are up to par but this is a good five for him. I think anderson will make things interesting like anderson in the fight. I do think he can upset him. In keegan grind it out and i think he can make it a boring decision win where he grinds out. Michael paid so. I will pick derek anderson going against the grain me to myrtle you go. Okay i'm going. Michael page via showtime junior kick or another skull-crushing that my zone fucking derek. Anderson looks like that guy from air wolf. You're old if you remember that. Show air remember your old. Your fucking old copter coming in the fucking mountain right girl. Barrel very first hybrid of fucking helicopter. The first time we've heard air wolf like over a decade in eighty. He looks like the guy from air will throw now. Only really lara to bring up something like that. Act night of done never crossed my mind. Shit you buy jambo love. Everybody liked that shit back in back in the day. And what the fun air wolf like. What yeah we are not the same shit folks air wolf engram gold back in time but i also i want to mention to the roof. Theon starts josh ill at you. Mix album morales. I think whoever looks most impressive at either of those fights there Next in line for the winner the main event to so 'cause patchy mixes right there. You know what i mean. So refused start shifting and one josh l. twenty three so those flights around this card for reason The got impressed the big boss. Mr scott coker and wouldn't be surprised if either winner of each fight gets the winner of archer. Letta pettus card man for tomorrow. I i'm i'm Ahmed miss. I'm not gonna miss blames a fight but i might miss a most of the prelims actually taking my wife to the movies tomorrow. We'll be theaters open for the first time in like a year in half my prediction roberto gets laid via showtime junior kick..

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