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Is proudly brought to you by toews thank. You can't get better value. Think again ten percent. Bigger dividends when you bet rex topa set toast dakota uk vaccinated literally just now against covert so my left arm foot stop functioning at any second like go mod. Different twenty normal podcasts. Who the hell knows. And with the coughing in the background as image kennedy and thank you very much for joining us. And hopefully you're enjoying the basking sunshine or maybe you're just chilling out and the cool evening air. Say cool evening. Air roasting out leaving air. But that little little cough you heard in the background. That's a distinctive tone. It can only be one man. It is the glorious return to the final fallen podcast. Let mr roy doggy. Well hello there and welcome by. It's not what i mean. He's he's alive in a line. Only just listen mate. I'm not kidding you. Genuine had me worried. And you had final from podcast. Listeners worried as well so stay safe Rory is only here for a cameo but He has promised because said this to me yesterday. I am going to give you a solid moral in a handicap. So let's find out what that will be That's that is exactly. What roy argue said. you see. he's sick. he doesn't remember what he's saying. I'm delighted to say that we are also joined by a woman who was challenging for the title of first lady of the final furlan podcast a broadcaster Woman who has written out for richard on for numerous years and is currently in the process of retraining array source. I keep forgetting the horses names double and finally i remember finally lucy russell us. Welcome back to the pod. Anti-nazi back great to have you with and also joining us and making his final furlong. Podcast debut after booking simon holt for the podcast last week and simon who will be rejoining us to review goodwood in a couple of weeks a man who is a racecourse commentator fantastic tipster brilliant analysts and my colleague at talk sports talksport to we will both be working together for three days at goodwood. Next week i say at goodwood. I'll be in my studio. He'll actually be there. The glorious sunshine. It is lee mckenzie from talks board. Welcome to the show yeah brilliance and it's a genuine surprise. He and my my name coming in at the end of that sentence of they. This initially preceding The i will be doing my best. My and says i am aiming to. She's the best possible position tonight. But i will be better for the. The excuses are coming in early. I liked that. I liked the fact that you've done that already. That's fair enough so we'll go for the feature race to start with. It's a cracker last year's race. I really wanted to defend last year's race looking back on it was bloody forest Well done enable but what a joke of race this year. We got a cracker. There's only six runners but love after making winning. Return at the course over ten furlongs at roy ascott and has been a machine for aid. Brian and is generally an eleven to eight favors. she's a short as eleven to ten in places. And roy always loves it. When i quote the shortest priced. The darby winter day are nine two four five two. Two lone eagle trainer token big today. Eleven to the biggest price you can get. Mishref has been out to nines after his defeat. Less than i'll she murphy is the license with the right and wonderful tonight but says that the horse will need rain and that is certainly true. Twelve and room after wing in france. Less time at about a twenty five to one shot as the outsider. The field roy is a small but very very select and elite field and the fact that mischief who was absolutely brilliant his three year old and had a fantastic time of things in the middle east earlier in the year wasn't beaten far by saint mark's basilica the fact that he's eight to one kind of tells you everything you need to know about the quality of the race The market is all about love and a day are is that right in your mind. Japan guest over overnight into saturday or unstuck in morning My gut feeling is although the forecast. I've seen suggests heavy thunderstorms on saturday morning. Because it's been so long because it still will be pretty awesome the weekend. I don't think about rian even of ood It'd be torrential at all but it's not lables. Alas huge night signed on even if he gets off to ten meals. I don't single me. Soft enough for a wonderful tonight is Obesity that's there's a fair degree of guesswork enough on we saw exciting. I have yet can be asda firmed bling algal cup day which was exceptionally bad news from my auntie post punting. Rory don't fully by almost heavy bronze of risk on the next day so we knew that count shares outbreak greatly. But also we knew well ask it last year. We had half an inch of ria. Unexpected win four. I'm going that was meant to be good assault on. It was writing always good farm for stress so Syllabus lonzo itself But given given my wallet is being Even though the putting you five milstein every day You know the transpiration is your word of the day. Say that again goods coming onto the Well so give us that word again. Roy evapotranspiration worship comes out of the grind when it's warm inside. Is this almost the all weather factor of roy ascott since they relayed the track. Do you think there's a degree of atmospheric co shannon on a different sprayed. Anyone still gets Pretty sobe When it rains but the the relates nutrient containing Ran on still seem to ride pretty quick. Always this is a different the wrong track here on the will after after is through the the soft grind bought in saying that. It's only like wonderful night. Wonderful tonight meets to just get her to win she does want to genuinely vary sauce One disappointing it wasn't a horrible wrong one disappointing effort. was on list in the prix. Vermeille on going was probably good to firm Assigned from she's being terrific. Actually a big chance of winning this the ryan came up saul make a very interesting contest. But you know what is going to be like is is very much guesswork As i said might might gut feeling is us Were were month-long from royal ascot On this particular early A- weather makes a difference in terms of of iran will affect the so. I don't think we'll get to solve. I'm sitting out as fines. You know addicting. Thunderstorms is never easy. The best could miss them altogether. Get onto a firm tappin. Before on the paul. Yeah we've guest greenwich wrong. That makes it difficult to be absent. The abide some about abedin this race Because it will.

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