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You're listening to the spoken edition of the San Francisco Chronicle. Winning trainers, Holland or for long to collide in Berkeley, handicap, Jerry, Holland or for won training titles at fifty one Golden Gate fields meetings from nineteen eighty six to two thousand seventeen. Jonathan Wong has won the past two and is well on his way to a third straight at the current fall season. This seventy two year old hall of Famer and the twenty nine year old upstart clash in Saturday's grade, three one hundred thousand dollar Berkeley handicap in which Hollander for runs gee-gee writer and Wong runs. Gobbo's? Macondo and myth. Cal g g writer has long been a large presence in the northern half of Holland or for statewide operation. Winning fifteen of fifty starts fourteen for thirty eight at Golden Gate fields with seven hundred six thousand four hundred thirty nine dollars in earnings Saturday marks his fifth straight appearance in the Berkeley. Handicap having finished second in two thousand sixteen and fourteen third in fifteen and eight in seventeen during one for thirteen slump in GDF's other grade three rd. Races for older horses. Gee-gee writer has won the all American stakes twice and the San Francisco mile. He's lasted a long time. And he's a good solid horse has been very good to us Hollander for said he went for a period where he didn't do so. Well, and now he's doing better. He's well made some of them last a long time and some of them don't Hollander for denies having extra incentive to beat Gabon Macondo whom won- claimed from him for twenty thousand dollars on July twenty seven at the state fair. I don't think of things that way. He said if I'm entering a race. I'm trying to win no matter who's in their Gabon's Macondo followed the claim with wins in a first level allowance and an optional allowance sixty two thousand five hundred dollars claimer at F, and the bulldog handicap at the big Fresno fair I claimed him because he was still eligible for the twenty thousand dollar non winners of two and the first allowance condition and thought he could win that Wong said he's just exceeded expectations. Many trainers wouldn't claim from Holland door for figuring. He was getting all their. Was out of a horse. Personally. I think that's overrated. Wong said I think there is room for improvement on those horses. There are little things you can change and fix to help a horse out myth. Cows owners sent him to Wong after four poor efforts in southern California long. Ran him in seven straight claiming events from sixteen thousand thirty two thousand dollars with two wins. And then myth. Cal finished second in starter allowance and the rolling green stakes before being well beaten in the grade to city of hope mile at Santa Anita. The addition of blinkers has really helped him significantly Wong said he's been a better horse, the twelve Horsfield for the one and one sixteenth mile Berkeley handicap is headed by to southern California invaders with success at Golden Gate fields editor who won the race last year and flamboyant who took the San Francisco mile on March thirty first and there is g g writer who ran one of his best races in fast win on October twenty six my horses have to improve to win. But we'll see said they're both doing well. Larry stoops's. Freelance writer.

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