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Mart and Kroger, are asking customers to pay with plastic or have exact change. Larry Kowski Bloomberg radio. NEWS Radio 1000 OK A. M and K x x Y FM 96.1 HD to Oklahoma City. Another call for a statewide mask policy. I'm Beth Myers in the news radio. 1000 Katie. Okay, news center. House Democratic leader Emily Virgin says it's time for governor state to stop talking about leadership and actually show some she's calling on the governor to implement a statewide mask policy like more than half of all other states in the country. Virgin says governor state talks about avoiding another shutdown, But she says his policy continues to move us closer and closer in that direction. The president of the state's largest teachers union says there is a lot that needs to be done before teachers return to classrooms. Here's Margot Murano of Leash, a priest with the Oklahoma Education Association says with covert cases and deaths urging it is still not safe. We're being told to proceed as normal. This is not normal. Hard decisions were made in March, and we believe those decisions safe lives. It's time to make hard decisions again. She says masks should be required in all schools in the state should provide PP sanitizer, cleaning supplies and touchless thermometers to schools. She adds that clear protocols for quarantining enclosures are also needed. And the state Health Department today reported another six deaths from Corona virus in Oklahoma. It makes a total of 438 deaths in the state. Another 77 people have been hospitalized in the past 24 hours. The number of positive Coben 19 cases has increased by more than 600. The governor of Arkansas. ASA Hutchison is issuing a statewide mask order as that state continues to see a surgeon Corona virus cases. This whole fight against Cove in 19 is likely to get harder and not easier, and we have to meet the challenge together and everyone must do their part, and this is a way to enlist the support of everyone.

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