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Took the stick for sure and ran with it yes. Our friendship was bonded over jonathan winters. How did you meet robin williams. You have decades on friendship with robin right. Yes Through elaine boost ler at. Catch the improv. Because they were hanging out those two for a little while. And i. I knew elaine and then i got to meet robin. And he and i had similar loves of not only jonathan winters but also peter sellars nice and all the different characters and stuff because it was all jumping around and doing characters. Thanks and peter did a lot of impromptu. I am not as me with peter salary i mean. I know the you know the pink panther stuff as i am with like just seeing jonathan winters because i think jonathan winters i got to know. Probably because of robin williams. I mean robin williams brought him onto morgan mindy and like he was always talking about jonathan winters. And so i think my Knowledge of john winters is because of robin williams. Robin williams zola's was an extension of jogging winner by like he definitely took that ball and kind of ran with it. He would always be the first to admit that. There's been a very positive influence from jonathan. And there's no denying and why bother it's a badge of i would say oh absolutely. Yeah yeah absolutely. So you guys did shows together. You would improv together. Yeah it was amazing. And i it would be about how well you could sort of chase plane behind him. He was the x fifteen. I was just the regular jet you know. And then we started going a little more neck and neck you know it was never about. Oh i'm going to outdo my friend. Robin was all we had a good time boosting each other because a lot of it is a throw him a good idea and he runs with it and then you add up to it and that was your day. That's awesome not as bad. How does your friendship evolved. From just being introduced by elaine boozer to doing these shows together and improving together. And just kind of going down that route in new i would sorta horse around a little bit with my own act. I was in a team for a while. And then when i broke with the team i was looking for someone else to play with because i kind of miss that part of partner back and forth assistance good stuff. It's it's acting. You know. And so i would just leave spots open eight. You wanna come up in richmond. Ninety did he the first few times he would just take over. And i'd sit back and laugh you know and then i'd poke in here little there and then more stay there poking stake and now initiate initiate enron and those are the steps building up. How many shows would you say did with robin. I mean uncountable. it's incalculable and the amount of hours is incalculable. the throckmorton alone one. Four two throckmorton. Have you done with rock not in mill valley marin county just across the bridge and it's an extraordinary space I hope they reopened soon. In the vaudeville. That's been around forever. It's been over one hundred years. And charlie chaplin performed. They're doing vaudeville. I mean good god. It has history and So much hilarity on those plants. That's an incredible brand of the you know. In when robin williams passed away. I think it was the only time like a slayer i was driving. I remember the exact moment was too. I had and i pulled over. I had to pull over. I stopped and trump. But i noticed cars were stopping everywhere in the middle of the street..

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