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I'm the one of the best tag team wrestlers in the history and I'd say Nope nope it's bobby okay. Are you like a-. Are you like an innovator of anything like can I say I call. Tommy innovator of violence is there anything like that. I could say no. You could just say daybreak records friend Jonathan. That's fine. That works all right. So David Greco his friend the one and only Jonathon Hood Man. Well how our the job with them. It's good to hear from you buddy. No I'm doing great and boy I tell you as as you and I as wrestling fans from way back going back to the territory Tori Day to where we are right now. I remember the call of the called in yesterday at a busted open. He was sixty six years old and he talked about how you watch wrestling during the time of Bruno San Martino and watched him as a kid to where we are right now he says is a great time to be a wrestling fan and it is a great time to be a wrestling fan. So I'm just I. I'm just happy that in two thousand nine hundred and we have so many other things besides the wwe. We have so many other things to talk about because when he was just one company it it became a little bit stagnant but now we could appear all the rest and companies across the country and around the world and as wrestling fan. I'm thrilled to be able to do that. And Jonathan. That's a really good point by you because you've referenced. The call from our show yesterday gentlemen like you said that was sixty six sane and of all the decades and all the years that he's watching pro wrestling wrestling. This is the best time to be a wrestling fan. And I kind of agree you know probably I would maybe go back to you know when we first started watching in the early eighties but if you look at what's going on right now with the wwe with a e w with new Japan pro wrestling and ring Avante are in impact wrestling. This is an amazing exciting time. And the and the resurgence of the NWS. What a wonderful time to be a wrestling fan? But honestly you wouldn't know it by reading social media and you wouldn't know it by some of the phone calls we get here on busted open. I'll know as as as a bus no open the nation member. I listened all the time so I know exactly what you're talking about. But here's the thing for me as a wrestling fan. I'm just concerned about what what I see on my screen. What I see on my tablet when I'm watching wrestling social media is not is not necessarily something? I'm looking at until after the shows those are done if I'm watching the NWEA in which. I'm watching every Tuesday. I'm enjoying that show for the hour. If I'm watching AL W I'm watching that show on sports for the hour and enjoying what I'm seeing see. Here's the thing that will never happen for me as a fan. That's been watching wrestling since. Nineteen seventy eight. One thing that I for sure outside influences Lawrence's will not make me think otherwise of a show that I'm watching they. You could read whatever you want but for me. I'm GonNa always have my feeling people. People can say whatever you want to social media. I will enjoy what I enjoy what wrestling the thing is. What's Today's wrestling fans for? Whatever reason Dave is that they're so oh focused on what wrestling writers are saying? So focused on what other fans are saying to try to kind of twist and turn their opinion. Know your opinions your opinion. You don't worry about what someone else's thinking you're about what you enjoy the wrestling fan. But here's the thing. Jonathan you just said you've been watching wrestling since the late seventies so I think you're added to in your love and your passion for pro. Wrestling is very very different than somebody. Who may be in their twenties or maybe watching wrestling for for the first time Bryan Alvarez who has a new book called a hundred things? WWe Fans should know and do before they die And he's he's obviously works with Dave Meltzer. He is a part of wrestling observer. They have dave kind of changed the culture on how people watch pro wrestling. Maybe in a way you can talk about you know. Busted Open has changed the culture on how people watch pro wrestling. I think when you look at that right now until like when we were growing up it's people watch it in a completely different way. Our information on wrestling was the wrestling magazines. And you know those magazines were not shoot see. There's a difference right there right when you're coming up we're going to the magazine stands and we're looking at rustling I I or giving those Those after Max back in the day we were entertained by the posters in the information that was in there even though a lot of it was not not real but it was just entertaining now so many wrestling fans are concerned about the business of the wrestling business and to me. It's really about. Hey here's what's going on the ring winging. Here's the presentation of the match. Here's a presentation of the show. Do I like it. Thumbs up brick dumbs down. We get so concerned about ratings now and listen. That's one to talk about but we can't be consumed about it as a wrestling fan that well since this show didn't win this Wednesday night. That means that I should watch this show or this show sucks. Well No oh no you enjoy what you would enjoy. We can't get caught up in newsletters and and what is being said online to shape or opinion as wrestling fans. I think that yes. It is a different era but I think at the same time we should be able to just enjoy what we see in the ring and enjoy the shows shows now Jonathan for people who don't know you're also a sports talk host. Do you work also a little bit with. NBA Radio here on Sirius. Xm You host host on ESPN Chicago. We'll talk about all sports. As a matter of fact you are covering the bears cowboys game last night. So you know this better than anybody. Is this just with when it comes to progressing or is this sports. Talk in general because it seems like even when it's whether it's the NBA whether it's an NFL or Major League baseball a lot of times people are more concerned about what's going on off the field than what's actually going on on the field. Well put it this way. I've never taken a phone call already here in the NBA season about how the ratings are down in the NBA because ratings are down to the NBA. So I haven't taken a call about at that but we do take calls on wrestling content about ratings and we talk about attendance and the thing that pisses you off like pisses me off. Is that you go to a time line and you see someone taking a picture of empty seats in a raw pas. The shit out of me that does that does nothing for me as a wrestling fan and by the way a a lot more times than not those pictures of empty seats is some of those. Sections are cordoned off about for television. And so they want to be able to embarrass Erice an organization by saying look at all these empty seats. This is not so you shouldn't be interested in it. And that we talked about shaping the way rustling fans look at things they look at that that pitcher and say well. Maybe that's not interesting so look at look at the the ratings for the NFL the ratings for the NBA Major League Baseball and in the issues is there as far as attendance in ratings in the regular season fans on talk about that. I've never taken a call about that. People don't tweet me about that but at wrestling here in the sport that we love and wrestling. That's always a conversation. It's not just the in ring is not just how show can get better. It's about numbers and again that's the multiplication multiplication of the wrestling twenty nineteen. All right so let's get to the bottom of it because I think this is an interesting conversation because like you said it when it came to a head yesterday with bullying with some of the phone calls there seems to be like wwe loyalists that only care about the wwe and hate on a w and then our fans ends at our age w loyalists and you know what they hate everything that's wwe. How did this start? How did this culture start now? I can't can't really blame it on one person because you like you said the The Day MELTZER and Dave Meltzer. And you know what he's been doing. He's been doing that for decades you you know. He's been D- newsletter is been around for a very very long time so what is the justification. What is the foundation? How did this start and one I? I just think it's the social media aspect right like okay. So when we were wrestling fans in the in the late seventies you and I in the in the early eighties watching wrestling thing it. Alex asked the question if there was twitter. Would we be talking. We have talked about this on social media back then probably so but maybe not as what what is much vitriol. But here's the difference back then. We respected the sport for what it was watching it because it was entertaining and it wasn't like friends of mine at least not in my circle. Were saying well the WWF sucks. And I like the way no everyone because you know why because if you remember back in the day they had all these rustling blocks WWF NWEA AWA and you'd see wrestling for like six or seven hours hours on a on a syndicated television show so it wasn't like it sucked you just like you do is different and it was entertaining but but no one was saying out loud. This vis absolutely sucks. I'm not GonNa Watch you know I. I don't know if social media was back then that I'd be saying that on social media in the eighties if he was around why. Yeah but here's the thing Jonathan doing busted open for over ten years so fertile longest time. WWe dominated I know there was TNA TNA Kinda Anna. You Know Pete a little bit of a dent in pro wrestling and they did their rating and they they had some good live attendance and some good shows than any other. Hey by the way they have their numbers were TNA is what you see on smackdown now from a number stay. Yeah if you if you look at it. Bully talks about that a lot they they they nee- ear two million when they when they were on Spike TV and I know that was a different era and things have really changed in the way fans consume pro wrestling has definitely changed change but but but people wanted something different from the wwe. They were kind of tired of the same old same old and now they're getting it and they seem to be unhappy like like I'm not telling people to turn off the wwe. I'm not I'm not on people to stop watching the wwe but what's wrong with watching coaching. MSW OR A E W or new Japan or are away. It's like I don't understand why everybody has to pick aside and has. Did this start with the Monday night. Wars with the Monday night wars. I guess there was the WWe fans against a WCW fences and everybody wanted that. War again is that what's now been created in two thousand and nineteen so you just you just hit it right there my friend you hit it right there because of money like wars made you choose you. Just sit right there because you had a choice of you can back in the day you could vis a VCR tape one and watch the other. You maybe didn't can watch both at the same time but you hit it right there the Monday night wars made you choose. WCW or the WWF. At the time you had to choose one or the other because think about that before that before that you just watch casually which you want it. But Vince McMahon as well as Eric Bischoff in that battle told you that hey you may like wrestling as long as a whole but you got to choose one of the other shoes us because we are the band of of of crazy performers and for WCW W. W. WWF was like. Hey you know what were the attitude era. We have changed so I think that right there. The line was drawn in the sand with that those Monday night. Awards of course EC W part of that as well now. We can't forget about them that even though it is about Monday night wars is also about e C. W as well a choose US look for your on syndicated television. 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