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Is we try to break the Bryce Harper story live on the air, if you have sources, or if you have a story you want to pass along we want to hear it? A couple of things today actually got Twitter ablaze early this morning. I wake up every morning. I searched Bryce Harper on Twitter. And usually it's about five or six things like, whoa. What's that? Is that real is that nonsense and a couple of things today? One. We're going to have Jack Jack sources over here debunk and the other we're going to I think there's something. All right. Let's talk about the backs. So this morning I woke up Jack. And I saw a photo of two custom made. Phillies bats would Bryce Harper's number and name on them. And then what was the symbols on? There was the liberty bell. Yeah. There's a liberty bell to love sign. It's all Phillies print, so it's like the thirty four with Harper on the light that the baby blue cool bat. That's a great that they've been his back company. So they are is back on. But if you remember his the battery using the homerun derby, which is the US flag they made that bat. So there was a there real the pictures real estate there. That's one hundred percent real. So what what is your sources telling you? So basically, they made those bats. So that they could send to him and just kind of try to sway him to come here. Part of the pitch. Yeah. Well, it was just like in Casey science here. They wanted to have him there. So that as press conference he could use them if they wanted to so there made like a week and a half ago, it's only their brand new or anything. So it doesn't mean he signed. And it does not mean a sign it's just that they made him because he's their back company and they want to. If he sounded just in case that he signs hearing us Matt Prescott far well two things. I have two thoughts. I have off of that number one. It doesn't mean he's going to sign here. And every team probably does something similar in sort of a pitch or they're back company might do it just in case. But I will say this the fact that that kind of thing is done does lead you to believe there is there's something real to all this. They are progressing along where there's enough of a chance that his company thinks he might sign here. They made those bats you wouldn't do it for the Baltimore Oriels. You do it for the Mets. You wouldn't do it for a team? There's no chance he signs with. So there's something there. The other thing that touch on. Then we'll go back to the lines. So Phil Sheridan and a couple of Phil Sheridan's journalist Phil Sheridan's couple journalists. And then there's also the manager of the home clubhouse for the Phillies. His name is Jeff or Phil Sheridan, excuse me. Phil Sheridan and his Twitter account says he's the manager the home clubhouse for the Phillies. I don't know, Phil. But he had a tweet last night is captured by long drive on Twitter who's. One of the tenants of the Phillies, Twitter and absolute machine. All he does he captured this. I guess Phil tweeted this last night, then deleted it. Yeah. Yeah. It was definitely meant to be a DM didn't seem like a tweet. It says Jake consented to Bryce make it part of the package. It does seem like more of a personal message. And then it was deleted. And I would assume here. Jake means Jake Arrieta. So do with that. Will you may? Yeah. I don't know if it's really I maybe there's someone in the shipping department named Jake. I don't know. Why would it be Jake Arrieta? There have each other's numbers. They do they have the same same agent. See there's another Jake floating around that building. There's a Jake and shipping or something. I don't know. It makes sense. Like, why would they be saying Jake Arrieta? All right to send to Boris Jack's rumor this hour, Jake in shipping. Let's see what Gary in south Philly. I say what's up, Gary. Hey, what's going on? Joe? First of all, I want to say I love your show because you listen to the people, and you take more calls than anybody else on this station. And believe me, I listen to it nonstop. Well, I appreciate that. I appreciate you being one of those calls, Gary, what are you thinking tonight? All right. Well, I gotta rumor, and then I got something real the rumor is that plumber that called earlier knows my wife's sister's brother who's a real estate agent and said that Nick foles at selling his house to Bryce Harper. Wow. Now. Some news here on the evening show. Okay. That's a good one. I know, but in all seriousness, and and you kind of answered my question, but I'd like you to reiterate a little bit. I guess from from hearing you talk I could understand a little bit wider wider waiting out. But as a fan like I just wanted to be done already. I want to know if this guy is going to be in uniform on opening day. And also why can't we get boat? Why can't we have Harper and Machado especially here in that? They're both twenty six I feel like Bryce Harper's open our butts for twenty years, it feels like it doesn't. I mean, he's been on twenty twelve but he he jumped in the league, and he was sitting right away. Yeah. I feel like he's been kicking our butts for years, and I would love to have them. But I would also love to have Machado to. And if that out earlier caller is correct with that really low salary cap. I don't keep up on that as much. But I I don't see why there's no reason why they can't sign both. I mean, how long are you going to rebuild for Wednesday? Come time to start looking to be in the post. Yeah. I think that time is now Gary man, I'm with you on that that the rebuilt should be over, and Gary I appreciate the call. And I think it's over. I mean, the Phillies are acting like a team right now that is trying to take that leap in our one of our callers recently mentioned the Clinton at the end of the year said they won eighty last year. The the goal is to make that ten win gap to get to the ninety one area to try to make the postseason it might take ninety two whatever I mean that you need to get into the nineties that realistic shot to be a postseason team. They're trying to bridge that gap. I the time is now that's why that's why Harper Machado at the forefront of this. And twenty six old superstars deny become available that often it's rare. It's rare and they're gonna show. L out two hundred million to someone else. I mean harp. Machado's market is falling. They're going to get both these guys on what seems like a discount. They could. I don't think they're going to it feels to me like they they don't want to get both could I don't think. So either I think if things keep falling leaf if Machado's offers really only one seventy five or two hundred million. I don't understand how you pass on that. I agree. I mean, I think the reason they'll probably give us they want to be flexible moving forward, you could read that as Mike trout and a couple of years. We'll see it's funny because I've read Todd's lucky today, and they'll be dot com. And he I think I'm trying to remember the word he put his article, but he said sources told him that they are not going to sign Harper and Machado. But then everyone that's written this last two weeks. It's kind of hasn't said, well, unless something crazy happens like they're leaving that door open. If something crazy happens, speaking of hedging, the one guy who's been so pro Machado. This all time has been Jim Salsbury. He's been saying the Machado has been the guy for the longest time and Eleanor recent at the yard podcast. He started to say that you know, it kind of feels like Harper's in this. The tide is turning a little bit which I think all of us kind of felt, but Jim has been on the other side of it with Machado step as far as the Phillies and paying these guys and what they could pay them. Look, they I'm sure right now, if the Phillies wanted to or any team that really really wants these guys could just make the crazy offer today and get this done, but I'll take you to last year. Last year the Red Sox and JD Martinez. It felt a lot like the Phillies and Bryce Harper. Where everyone kind of knew that that seemed like the landing spot. They had a good offer out there, and it just sat on it and waited and I think that's what the Phillies are doing. I don't think price Harper's market. And I find it crazy. But I don't believe Bryce Harper's market is robust. I don't think there are five or six or ten teams chasing him. I think it's one or two or three. And I think the Phillies realized they have maybe the best offer could have the best offer if they wait two weeks and sit on that offer. Maybe no one tops it. And they get them there. They don't have to raise the offer. So I get being impatient. I think this whole town is impatient. Because we've heard about this off season for years, and it feels like this offseason. Really hasn't arrived. No one is. I don't think anyone jumped up to buy season tickets for Andrew mccutchen, David Robertson. And gene cigarroa, even though. All three are good players. And we'll help the Phillies win more games. I can't imagine the season ticket office at citizens Bank park was ringing off the hook. Like, you guys got Darab David Roberts. Jason I'm in. I'm in gimme, a ten pack. I don't think that happened answer coaching four years ago that might have happened not the Andrew mccutchen. They've got now. He's a good player. Not a great player. Harper changes that so I get why everyone is impatient. But I really think that the play here continue waiting and get Bryce Harper at an expensive crazy number. But if you save forty or fifty million a year from now, we're talking about all this team needs. One more starting pitcher to win. It's a win a World Series. There's your forty or fifty million. There's a twenty five million dollars started. You can go get eight seven to nine ninety four ninety four. Let's see with Ron and Plymouth meeting. I'd say what's up, Ron? Hey, how you doing good? Ron what's up? I got I got to ask you a question. And then maybe discussion I just need to know why. This guy so badly. Because I. Why do you want to go for that kind of money that likes on a guy on the deal every year? I'll listen, and then we'll talk. Okay. Because I think he's a great player. And he's a rare great player that hit free agency at this age Machado fits the Bill in a similar way. I just happen to like Harper more. But they're both outrageously talented outrageously accomplished at a very young age. I mean, you look at their careers. Ron and I understand Bryce set some trips DL, but you look at their careers and just Bryce Harper just to use him because that's our conversation night. He's among the greatest young players ever. You look at his home runs at his at this age look at his you wanna look at advance. That's wins about replacing whatever you want to look at him. He's among the most productive. I'd say fifteen or twenty young players in the history of baseball guys. Like this don't become available very often. Well. No. I know baseball very well. I played baseball my life. So I I know what you're talking about. I'd be honest with you guys got a big guy. Okay. He's not a big, dude. He's what maybe six four maybe one ninety plays heart. And and he does have unbelievable back. He's bigger than that. Ron before you go on he's bigger than you think. He's about six threes. Let's says maybe six one six two, but he's a he's well over two hundred twenty two fifteen he's bigger than that. Okay. All right. Well, still. I'm looking at. I'm looking at it the same way I'm looking at which with this with this history that he's got and the money that he's he's trying to get and the injuries. I'm just not signing up for that. You know, what I mean got an article I got something else. You know, we're talking about this guy over here, you know, and this is going to seem idiotic. But you know, we we want to get this guy. But we we've got we've still got holes all over this this team. There aren't even we haven't even addressed the catcher yet. I mean, I love that mov- they pulled shortstop that's a girl. Yeah. Cigarette and move back to first base. That sets three problems right there next a couple more, and we don't need to spend that kind of money to fill that diamond upward hiring heroin. We don't. Is it a nice is it a nice to have a great player like a game changing fired standard. I get it. And a lot of teams a lot of teams run over the years have gone different routes. They don't and and there is risk. And I appreciate the call around. There is risk assigning any player, but two things one. But Chato by the numbers has been more durable. But I worry about his knees. He's had two knee surgeries. And he's a young guy and the other thing on Harper. Early in his career. You look at Bryce Harper really was two thousand thirteen two thousand fourteen those are the years. He was on the DL a couple of times, and it kinda worried you since two thousand thirteen so it's been four years two thousand fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen the only time, he's really miss games. Significant games was two thousand seventeen he slipped on a wet base in two thousand fifteen he won the MVP one hundred fifty three games two thousand sixteen one hundred forty seven I guess that may be one fifteen day the Elston last year one fifty nine he slipped on a wet base in two thousand seventeen he's really a wet Bassora away from four straight one hundred fifty game seasons. And in two thousand seventeen is probably on pace to win the MVP, even though even though Giancarlo had fifty Harper was another level that year, he had a one thousand eight PS. Yeah. When he got hurt and they came back, and he just wasn't the same..

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