President Trump, ABC, Bruce discussed on Morning News with Manda Factor and Gregg Hersholt


Good morning. It's five o'clock. From ABC news. Michelle franzen. President Trump pushing this morning for Democrats to agree to more money to fund the border wall tweeting quote need to stop drugs, human, trafficking, gang members, and criminals. ABC's Mary, Bruce is on Capitol Hill and says the shutdown born of the stalemate continues as six of this shutdown, and there are no signs of progress. Here the negotiations are at a standstill and while the Senate is set to be in session later today. It doesn't seem either side is really itching to end this. The president is holding firm telling reporters, he'll do, quote, whatever it takes to get the funding for his border wall and making clear he's not opening the government until he does president back at the White House. Now after a surprise visit to Iraq where he told troops that America is respected. Once again, we're no longer the suckers, folks, and people aren't looking at us as suckers market futures pointing down after a record up for the Dow yesterday closing up over a thousand points ABC chief business correspondent, Rebecca Jarvis on. What might have pushed the markets. These computerized. Programs are all set in very similar ways such that if a certain trigger or a trip line is hit all of a sudden many computer programs. We're talking billions trillions potentially of dollars of computerized programs start getting activated. And when they get activated. That momentum starts to move in a particular direction deaths of law enforcement officers on the rise. Craig Floyd, head of the national law enforcement officers memorial fund says deaths in the line of duty are up twelve percent this year over the last twenty years we've seen more officers killed in traffic related incidents than killed by gunfire. But in two thousand eighteen it was firearms related deaths that were the number one cause Leeson California trying to find the gunman who shot and killed an officer earlier this week Thirty-three-year-old police officer O'Neill sing was killed during a traffic..

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