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And right now, sure, he was hurt today. He's healthy. He's good enough to play. He's on the team. You got a plan. You got a plan, and against Mexico, I mean, look, we'll see how it goes. But like, I play him all 90. This is it. This is the marquee match in qualifying. So like, maybe I'm a too much of a fan and I'm just like speaking from what I want to see as a fan. But this is kind of, you know, this is kind of what we've been waiting for here. A couple of the other guys I'm interested to get your take on JJ one player who was not on the squad and that was John Brooks, who was very honest about being left off and he basically put it on himself. You know, he's like, we talked about how he has not performed up to what we expect from him with the U.S. in recent appearances. And Jeff Carlisle was on this podcast afterwards. And he said, you know, the same for whatever reason John Brooks does not travel well right now with the U.S.. And bear halter and this the setup, they have they have taken note and they left him off for a vitally important game. One of their most experienced defenders will not be a part of this team. That was not an easy decision to come to. I wouldn't think. It couldn't have been. And I think it was the wrong decision. I surprised to hear you say that. You've been very critical of Brooks. Yeah, I know, but what's the sense in dropping them for this game? What's that going to achieve? And Brooks even in his statement mentioned how he felt he'd been paying much better in the last couple of games for Wolfsburg, so I mean, if he's playing well, bring him. This idea doesn't travel well. He's going to have to constantly travel. What are you supposed to do with that? I just think the experience, if bear holder says, I don't want to start you, that is fair enough. But to even have him in and around the camp, working with the guy he's in training. I would have brought him. I really would have that kind of experiences, it's invaluable. And Deandre edlin is the suddenly of the defensive unit becomes the senior man. Yeah, I wonder if he's who will see with desk, not playing. I mean, like we've said, not that not that I want to see any player that I consider to be a first 11 player for this team get hurt. But that's a position where there is depth. Between I'd be shocked if it was in the edlin, honestly. Over Regan, I think so. Or there is no way Joel scally is coming in to make his debut. His first ever international. I say no way. I don't know that. To make your international debut against Mexico in a world in a World Cup qualifying game. And your weeks or months into your senior Bundesliga career and you have you have one zero caps and you haven't you haven't trim with the team or anything. I think that would be a really, really big show. To do that and Stephen Ghana touches got in touch and said, I've been so impressed with boost your that like a boost your mckenney moves to three with atoms at right back. I'm not doing that. No. I understand why he would say that. Bruzio has gone over to venezia and really impressed. Yeah. So I understand I understand wanting to manipulate things to get him into the squad, but I just atoms to me in that role is too important. Mess with other stuff if you want. Like to me that we have found like do you know how vital that is to have a guy who can do that work in defensive midfield? Like when you get that kind of player like I'm not saying Tyler Adams is in golo kante. But he's kind of Conte light in a lot of the things that he's able to do. When you get a player like that, you don't mess with it. Like that's such an important piece to have. Somebody who can defend and make up for like other defenders pushing forward. Like, and who can also push play forward in his own right. A guy who doesn't really get tired. Like who's going to fill don't mess with it? He's going to fill in playing multiple roles as well he can fill in if her full backs are going to have to get forward at some point if we're going to carry any kind of threat then he's going to be able to slide across and cover and he does performs multiple roles. So I don't want to take him out of that position. I don't know what bear halter is going to do. He's not always the easiest to predict. But I don't think I see scally staring and I don't think I see Adams right back. I would agree with both of those things. One, I think you can predict that Greg bear halter for this Mexico match will wear his coolest pair of shoes. That's important to him. That's probably going to happen. One thing on the Mexico side Andrew, Felipe cardenas was writing about their defensive kind of issues. And this is a paragraph that stood out to me. Mexico or a high pricing team that often leave their center backs exposed and transition. When they play in a three man backline, central midfielder, Edson Alvarez plays in between the two center box..

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