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He one of three and she got a one of two and both were clearly like wet tracks. And then they you know, they sort of got there for somebody exaggerated by the racetrack fast races. Probably two fastest races. Run from speaker standpoint the country all week. That that is true. Yeah. That's true. I was rent a nice step for framing. Then raced out of Florida. I you know, I forget another coat of automated underperformed. I understand why everybody was telling the racist code of honor. And nobody else then were number was not raised. It had run good races, including the second place. Finisher. You know may have moved a little bit soon. But probably ultimately doesn't want to go beyond seven is absolute best, but what was wrong with his resume. You know, I mean. Just to Justin, and I know code about probably underachieved, but I think that, you know, funny horse because his first race people were all surprised as the pedigree and should winning when the first time starter. But if you take that part away and shows, well, I I'm stars before. It's not as guys not I there's and you say, well, he also said very moderate pace on an extremely rail friendly racetrack. It wasn't that good. As a second people overrated stumbling. And even shook said after rates that the stumbling kinda put them in a position that made it easier for take advantage of dynamics because everybody else tired out from chasing complexity. Right. So, you know, he I think that the connections and everything caused people to sort of make more of them than they they should have. So I don't think it's performance which obviously was disappointing. I think he's a better horse than that. But I don't think it's that shocking. I mean that was not a bad field and the winters really Steph over Jimmy jerkins, the help you can even prove it. That was nice race by meals. I don't think the race sounds whose lap at all slightly tougher trip than than code of honor. Right. Maybe he forced code of honor to move a little or maybe you would code of honor. But he was wider, and he ran he really found a second year in midstretch. Or another gear I should say. I think he's a promising horse. We talked Jimmy laid up with that to coming out. But we talked Don little junior yesterday, which was a lot of fun. And we ended up, you know, resistible to hit on some of the some of the other centennial stalwarts over the years. And I kid it him that he's kind of overdue on on a fountain of youth. The where you gotta assume Jimmy's gonna point me host after. Yes. Yes. Thank Corinthians antics that day. That's how it works. Once you see when it somewhere down the road that happens that that happen. Well, it went up for that week because until then I'm gonna say Bs Dale Romans with the black eyed Susan go look that one up. Giving to help in that. Well, he got this qualified on fairly with what was your Sweden Sweden? Pretty what was her name sweetened per don't. Remember, she got disqualified because of a bizarre, I mean, basically because berko Arroyo was riding her and they took her down outlandishly, and then he came back just a couple of years ago. And and when he won the when he won the black guy later he wanna race twenty. It was it was maybe eight or nine years later give really, but he always he always felt like he was owed a black eyed Susan. He only self that way. Yes. I carried it forward as a storyline. Two thousand three last week. Yes. Absolutely, absolutely. I I mentioned that we David FOX earlier and he's going to win a number this year. Well, that's cool. Yeah. Not easy. Usually traders say, well, it's a function of how long just being around a long time. But it's not that simple. Obviously gonna play a role in that means, you know, that's clearly true. But they're saying he said about longevity, right? Of it self in that business says a lot. By the way, speaking one more thing before you go since since trainers that one a lot of racist came up..

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