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Folks people who i i trust them have given it you know two thumbs up in terms of its authenticity and and it's a verified you know gust experience caught while that six very exciting for you and and look forward to chris vernon appearance on this podcast to be honest yeah right right pat overdue that'll be great call i'm i'm into it an my mumber story for you are you ready let me let me let me say in the uk amana this is this is a kind of a burgeoning topic for us which is um at lists it was just tricking turkey measuring against a man was fined one hundred eighty three thousand pounds for pretending meat was fruit at swept supermarket selfservice check out man has a man and then find two hundred eight euros such as one hundred eighty three thousand pounds for pretending expensive me was fruit as supermarket selfservice check out this man who earns twenty four thousand euros or twenty one thousand pounds a months was convicted for theft by munich court after he tried to repackage up to forty seven euros worth of veal liber and our fruit bag in december the wealthy businessman admitted it was the fourth time he committed the offence that month but gave no motive for the crime according to local media a judge who described the defendant as having not inconsiderable criminal energy cited his monthly income and criminal history for theft and tax evasion as reasons for the recordbreaking fine uh the munich court spokesperson said the defendant did not appeal the verdict and the unidentified now's release from jail having put been put behind bars front following has raft.

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