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Catchy. You guys. Imagine dragons hasn't. Well, they love song you can clap. Yes. I like it. I like it a lot. Hey, if your kiss, and you want to announce your end of the road world tour, you announce it at the most rock and roll place that you can even imagine the place that when you think of rock and roll your like that that makes perfect sense. This means everything to me. So the rainbow grill. Foreign grill would be great right next to lemme stool could do it there. That's pretty metal absolutely red rocks is a legendary place, but I don't know that it's metal. It's not so much metal. Okay. Yeah. You can do like a rock and Roll Hall of fame. Oh, there you go. Members share says Stonehenge. Littoral rock day or you can do what kissed did last night when they announced the end of the road world tour on NBC's broadcast of America's got talent. That's a straight choice. It is odd. They also performed there in nineteen seventy six hit Detroit rock city because I'm sorry. I watched it, but I fell asleep. Sorry. Yeah. Apparently, they opened the show. I believe we could go to a member of the kiss army for more information. They sure did that's other broadcasts them on stage play in the song. And then during during the instrumental part of the song they brought out. I cast Tyra banks is hosting that show. Now, I had no idea. She's not good. And then the judges came out during the song and walked right past them on the stage. And I was thinking, hey performing. Yes. As they're playing. I'm thinking, hey playing here, right? Doing something. They just walked on by him. And they did the song it, I guess interviewed later in the show. That's when they announced the details of this. And I know Kevin you've mocked because they have toward a lot since they got back together. It's always the final tour never going to get a chance to see us. Again. I don't know has that been the case with kiss they announced them as final torture. They wanted the bands that has done that. I'm not sure they had. I'm not sure if they have I mean. Lavin that at least maybe called it the final tour or something. Yeah. I think they did. Ok well, they have been together since nineteen seventy-two. They're not getting any younger, although we're to face pain. I do feel like they could just start replacing members like Vanu Dell. Like. Yeah. He new guys under there under the makeup. That's awful. But they claim that they're they're going out big. It's going to be their biggest tour ever. So we'll see what they bring. All right. You've never seen a kiss show, right guys. I haven't I only weenie roast wasn't a full cash. Half a dozen songs or something. But I mean, it really is a spectacular with the, you know, the vomiting the blood in the fire the fireworks. And I mean, there's so much stuff that goes on. But one of the funniest things I've ever seen was when the kings played outdoors Dodger Stadium and kiss was the musical affect. Yes. And so they were playing at in between periods, and all of a sudden for some reason the organ just took over so they were playing like Detroit rock city, but. This is a nightmare. I remember the less than zero soundtrack do you? Remember that soundtrack one of the best ones ever. I'm going back to Cali. Kellie, jolly, right? Yeah. Keep going. Yes. That had hazy shade of winter by the Bengals absolutely fishbone song was on there slayer fishbone, really, I think so layer. Why did you bring that up having to do with kiss? I bring it up because I remember playing that cassette, and my parents going what is this crap? And I was like. It's a song called rock and roll all night, and they're like who's doing it. And I said poison. My parents were very upset. I was listening to poisons cover of rock and roll all night. So they were upset that you weren't listening to the original. Yes, that's funny. Were very upset. Great good times, you guys. Don't get me wrong..

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