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KPCC news on Nick Roman with the stories we're covering at seven o'clock authorities in northern Nevada say they've searched an apartment believed to have been used by the nineteen year old man responsible for Sunday's shootings at the Gilroy garlic festival two children and a man in his twenties were killed mineral county district attorney Shawn road today come from the search by the FBI and local sheriff's deputies of one of three homes overlooking Walker lake it's about fifty miles southeast of Lake Tahoe the sheriff in mineral county declined to comment on what was sought or found the shootings have staggered Gil Roy in part because the garlic festival is the city's signature event ID mark draws more than one hundred thousand people to the place that bills itself as the garlic capital of the world Rachel Myra was the acting Silicon Valley bureau chief for San Francisco public radio station KQED she was in Gilroy today this three day celebration of the city's heritage generations of it of individual families volunteer every year supporting local businesses and nonprofits and schools folks I talked to to say when they heard about thirteen year old Kayla Salazar if you're a thirteen year old in Gilroy you may not have known her personally but she probably knew of her that's how close knit Gil Rory is the idea that somebody who knows go right and knows how important this festival is would walk in and start shooting he knew that he was hitting people right at the heart of where this community lives KQED reporter Rachel my role at thirty say the gunman bought the rifle used in the shooting in Nevada it was a legal purchase there or KPCC news at seven thirty just before the daily from The New York Times at seven oh two on the next fresh air we look at the bizarre world.

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