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Then especial, I've been busy on the golf course. I've been traveling celebrating my wedding anniversary this week, so I got my buddy. Michelle gone dri two to recommend some movies for you instead. So Michelle, do you have two movies that you love that my buddy Adnan Virk in the Sinophile should check out? Probably the trick Tita out, but I would say groundhog day it's one of the best committees best concept best acting. Tells alerts about cinema, editing, cerita lean. It's one of these movies at grew up was not big heat. When he came out in ninety. Three, I think, became more and more important, and I would recommend the Netanya movie called big data in Methodist three aids movie from the sixties. It's committee social committee as Italians weather. The best to do was Muslim attorney Vittorio Gassman, oser attack greater this to me. I can watch every three months. Never be disappointed. Thanks so much Michelle and. Thanks so much Adnan for for having me back on the Sinophile podcast and the lion's den. He's just an average man with an average life, and he's reviews dictate that. I'll read up my alley first and foremost playing spray. Dan stanza kids. I thought it was a little little much every man. I mean, there's nowhere to go down. You can't talk the no country for old men selection or the writing of it. So I, I'm really concerned, we're going, I really resent that open. I always believed it was the things you don't choose that makes you who you are, your city, your neighborhood, your family people here, take pride in these things like it was something they'd accomplished the bodies around their souls. The city's wrapped around those. I lived on this block my whole life. Most of these people have when your job is a fine people who are missing, it helps to know where they started. That is a portion of the wonderful voice over that starts gone baby gone. This is your favorite movie of two thousand seven film based on the novel by Dennis Lehane who also wrote mystic river shutter island, as well as a few episodes of the wire, the film, which was Ben athletes, direct to'real, debut stars, his brother, Casey, and Michelle Montague as private detectives in Boston hired by the aunt and uncle of a four year. Old girl who has gone missing Morgan Freeman plays the police captain in charge of the crimes against children department who begrudgingly assigns two of his men to work with athletic and Mongan..

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