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To do that because of what you've been saying about how they change. But you already know that and it's apples to apples because they jazz them all up the same. Right. And it's not an ideal viewing circumstance. Anyway, you're in a giant fluorescent lit room. So, you know, in some ways, it's not going to look as good at home in some ways it's going to look better. It's not going to look as good because it won't hurt your eyes with its vivid brightness. But on the other hand, it will be much more realistic and you won't have to compete with fluorescent lighting. So if you think the oled looks good in the showroom, you will think it looks good much better, even at home. Okay. Good suggestions. Enjoy Richard. Yeah, I got the oled and in fact Scott came over because he's a TV calibrator his THX certified calibrator and I had him calibrated. Scott and Robert herron, another friend of mine also calibrator they came in. So we didn't have to really change anything. It was pretty much perfect. Okay. I like that. They came out of the box. You don't leave it in dynamic mode or show remote. You put it in cinema mode. And at first, you know, you might rebel a little bit when you get this new TV and it's so bright and vivid and you put in cinema mode. It seems drab. But it's actually attempting to duplicate the actual color reproduce the movie as delivered instead of juicing it. And it's true for a football. You know, sometimes you're watching a football game or a baseball game in the field is bright green man. It looks good that grass looks great. It's not natural though. And so you put on cinema motor sports mode and okay, maybe it's not quite as bright. But it looks like real grass, not fluorescent grass. And you get ideally you do that because that's how the filmmaker wanted it to look. And it honestly it looks great. Whenever possible, I watch I have a number of TVs only one is the four K oled and whenever possible. That's where I watch it. It looks good. It really looks good. All right, time to take a little break, get ready for some news at the top of the hour more calls coming up an hour number three of the tech I show..

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