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At a time comes I will address it but until as far as I'm concerned he's in his Rehab Program he's doing his program or quarterback right now he's been playing for us is kyle and so we're not going to address it make you probably know where I stand on this but just out of curiosity you think the panthers should consider sticking with Alan Win Cam healthy again well this point they have to consider it a the guy hasn't lost a game yet and we know that the panthers had lost things the last nine Cam Newton starts now all nine of those starts he was some varying degree of injured whether you need a shoulder surgery or sprained foot or all the above but as long as they keep winning then of course you're going to have to consider staying with Kyle you wouldn't say the same thing with what's going on in New Orleans you wouldn't say they weren't Oh and nine is at San Francisco a home game and then at Green Bay either Kyle Allen the panthers come back down to Earth in that stretch and cam takes his job right back four you go to San Francisco when you win and or you go to Green Bay and you get a win in the middle you take care of Tennessee at home thing kyle gets to keep the job now yes by the Tampa Bay bucks seven and it was about the the I think it was fourteen sacks and tackles for loss combined for the Carolina Panthers the Panthers don't dominated that football game but as long as you're if you're undefeated as a starter and you don't have first ballot hall of Famer drew brees coming in behind you then yes see it has to at least be on the Board Kyle and keeps the job I don't think he will no longer can dismiss it out of hand at least I can't is his this is what we got going here this this cow Allen is starting to be like Johnny appleseed Paul Bunyan and I don't want to you know Praise Carolina too much because I'm here in Atlanta and they don't like the Carolina Panthers I'm a hold down my enthusiasm but this is a real conversation Scott Turner norv Turner offense coordinator and his on quarterback coach they liked how they like his fundamentals and since he's been in the lineup and even last year start where he one week number seventeen they're passing game has been more consistent so now the question with Cam is in Kim was in the process of refurbishing his overall throwing motion in trying to learn the deliverable different way so we know he's got a serious issue as far as his foot to me I don't believe the foot is going to be one hundred percent healthy this year so foot's not one hundred percent healthy is he better passer then cow Allen because it's not a better athlete you can't answer that question because cans only got one leg he's a better athlete out in cal Allen he's not a better passer than than than the quarterback there so to me it's fairly simple and Carolina after the season's going to have to make a difficult decision which I do wouldn't be surprised if they moved off a cam and the last year of his contract and in the second year of them having a new owner there so Carolina Panthers fans you can be excited but in there's going to be some ramifications from that kid winning all these games and I think that ultimately this could be cams share with Carolina Panthers I WanNa give the devil's advocate argument if I may for a moment if let's just say cams foot does fully he'll if cam does get one hundred percent we saw cam at one hundred percent under this new often to the beginning of last year I eight games they're six and two when he's playing the best football of his life that is a higher level full then Kyle Allen has gotten to in this league and I would argue probably would ever likely get two in this league with how that this defense is playing and with given the fact that unseen compared to the guy you're trying to slot into who played the first half of the season and look good but also is there something to be said for this the things that they do cam had that one year where he turned into Superman but for the rest of it it's been managed game wintertime possession be more physical right on Jenna Wolfe ready

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