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Think students should be tutored that we should sort of double down on math tutoring in the coming year particularly in the higher grades but I think there also needs to be some changes in way the we teach math in the elementary grades particularly focusing more on the fundamentals like learning math facts you know the boring routine of learning to add subtract and multiply and divide that was Baltimore Banner education reporter Liz Bowie on WTOP time now is 107 it's a big solar energy project the largest of its kind in the country getting underway at Dulles International it was a groundbreaking ceremony and a groundbreaking project Virginia US Senator Mark Warner if we're gonna make a transition to a cleaner in our energy mix we gotta build stuff what's being built tens of thousands of solar panels on a large area of unused land at Dulles Airport it'll feed Dominion Energy's Northern Virginia power grid producing enough energy to power more than 30 ,000 homes Phyllis Randall chairs the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors we are not making land use decisions for today we're making these decisions for our children it'll be the largest renewable energy project ever developed at a US Airport at TLP news. 107 Wednesday morning have you heard the iconic DC restaurant Ben's Chili Bowl celebrates years do you like Ben's Chili Bowl how much DC residents young and old came out to celebrate 65 years of chili dogs burgers and all manner of good

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