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Finally graded orange jazz asked filtered better melted for the scale it plus whereas serving name okay it's just a process up all the sugar and they make the most delightful pump gets they're going to be a little krispy europeail not buttermilk us mountain makes for a crisp european ally chris i love it and i will put that one up today and then i met a pair of those other far as well all three guys can on radio from how you i'm coming back next rate but then you won't see me again hill until november all really all right 100 richest got somebody come and some peng's astor no no i don't it is said albright richie push the dr pal let's check traffic for your drive back to spanish fork here showing crash you sad nine sixty six south this is up in weaver county crash westbound i eighty of milepost won eighteen it's the redwood road onramp in salt lake we've also got let's see the crash eastbound sr to a one northbound i fifteen and still having issues down there on ninety five south there was a stalled vehicle there earlier north bend i fifteen that was on the on ramp that's traffic you know if you were out there and get involved in an accident i have some place where you to call the ad volki utah advocates dot.

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