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Public. So question number. Eight according to witnesses. What caller was BUNDY'S VW? Beetle Silver Be Tan. See White Rob. Hey silver that is incorrect. Jared be Tan. Bundy drove a hand Volkswagen Beetle. A multiple witnesses also described an attractive man who used the name Ted and sometimes spoke with a British or Canadian accent. That makes the score. Five to three for jared now in order to get his victims near his car bundy regularly employed the same ruse to fool the unsuspecting victims into helping him question number nine. Which of the following is a trick? He regularly used a he asked for help reading a MAP BE. He claimed his keys. Were stuck in the lock see. He wore his arm in a sling. Rob See war is. The answer is C. Bundy war his arm in a sling till look helpless wants his victim got near the car. He would strike them over the head and forced them into the vehicle. Bundy had removed the passenger seat. Creating space on the floor for his victims to lie out of sight as he drove away. That makes the school. Jared five rob four. When August Nineteen seventy-four ted? Bundy was accepted to the University of UTAH. Law School he moved to Salt Lake City leaving behind his girlfriend. Elizabeth Police Investigations and flyers. That had been distributed all round Seattle with a description of him and his car. The move did not stop him from killing again however not every woman. Bundy tried to kidnap and murder fell victim to his schemes question number. Ten to end round one in November nineteen seventy four which Bundy's victims escaped from his car and later testified against him. A Carol Dhiraj Be Laura. An amy see Melissa. Ann Smith Rob. Be Laurie and amy his incorrect. Jared.

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