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Oh come on you could have guessed that let it go with ten and then after them i thought it might have been sporting he'll it's not it's bilbao with eight but nonesense eighty three eighty four i and my other team the match is celtic as they sealed their seventh consecutive title which is nice it's even nicer when you see it against your biggest rival five nicest of all when you do it in five mil fashion yeah forty ninth league title for celtic brennan roger said it probably could have been worse and he's right jack on wick made a bunch of great saves for rangers in this one to keep it at just five no just hours after the win i saw on twitter somewhere that basically the whole celtic team like the game ended and they got on a plane and went straight to ten reef and we're all seen like partying on the beach there was this call infinity pool on a beach i just just wanted sometimes you look at a picture i want to be there was like a corona commercial how the other half live imagine the guys at brechin city poor guys still one bit of business left for celtic though they've got the scottish cup final this weekend against motherwell should they win it will become the first side in scottish history to win the domestic treble in back to back years the league cup the scottish cup and the league that's one bid jeopardy no for for stephen jared if you take that job over he's going to be the guy that's going to try and stop celtic from achieving a record amount of leagues yeah by the way i know you're a sucker for a good crowd roar and parkhead offers one of the best in the business no announcer with this clip it's literally just crowd noise this was the second goal score.

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