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Well, I want to remind our listeners of we talked about him in previous episodes. He was the Kansas secretary of state, total nativist total crackpot like just a complete racist. He was claiming for longtime that a lot of non-citizens were voting. He also led Trump's voter fraud commission that just completely failed had no results to turn over. But he lost a democrat Laura Kelly is now the governor of Kansas. So you go Kansas. But no way go for who elected Steve king. That's right. I forgot him close. I mean, that's something. Dana Rohrabacher is gone gone. Yes of right. Feels good. I don't think either are called right there were protecting him to be pretty safe. Right. Right. Right. Right. So that's good. I mean, that's what I mean by mixed bag. You know, I feel like we are definitely better than we were two days ago. We're better off right there. Yeah. That's all the better. I mean. Yes. Like there was no current political gerrymander climate. There was never going to blue with. This is like this is what blue Bluewave and reality is gonna look like splash. What do the total yet? But not the national matter strict, but speak the total vote was plus ten for the Democrats are something around there. Okay. That was earlier count. No idea we're standing now. But. The thing is this is this is a good outcome. The Senate was like it was structurally. Just not a good election year, even independent of everything else. That's abnormal. And crazy right now that was just not a good and Pacific rats. We took the house. I mean, it's not all that matters. When it's all the matters right now. Right. Like, I said, it's it's a step forward. It's progress. I mean, yeah, this is going to lead to I think some some real testing of our laws and constitution going forward. Do you think the Democrats are gonna like really bring all these investigations that they've been threatening. Yeah. I think I'm not gonna go as far as they could or onto. I hope they'll air on the side of going hotter than trying to be all let's just talk about the issues, but you have after. If someone like there's just absolutely should have been done by any function in congress that wasn't done and doing that. Right. So just for them to restore normalcy will be like panoramic at this point. So there's a whole slew of criminal Justice measures good ones that happened across the country on I thought we would talk about that since that is the other hat that we both wear so Dallas Houston and entire slate of GOP judges voted out, which is kind of tremendous in fact in Harris County, which covers I think Houston every single elected position is now held by democrat in Florida. We talked about this in the patriotic amendment for past meaning one point four million felons apparently can no vote with the exception of depending on some of the more serious felonies. Another amendment that. I haven't seen a lot of news about but also very important amendment eleven passive, Florida. Yep. So that sentencing reforms can apply retroactively that is a big deal. That's a big deal. Nashville pass at amendment one that created a police oversight board with subpoena power to investigate police misconduct. Good job Nashville. We've got a couple of incumbents coming back and Pennsylvania governor, Tom Wolfe end in Oregon Kate Brown, and those guys being reelected means that the moratorium on executions in those states will continue for four years. And then there's a couple of progressive DA's, elected, Louisiana. This big news so up until now, Louisiana and Oregon were the only two stay left in which non unanimous juries. Yes. Could convict great could convict on a felony a Louisiana now eliminated that law? So now, you need a unanimous jury right Oregon is the only state left get together, Oregon..

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