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There's been a lot of news this week about Ukraine. One of the threads love Parnassus and associate of Rudy. Giuliani is speaking out this week. Among other claims mm sea says he pressed for investigations and Ukraine that would benefit president trump and Ukraine has announced an investigation into whether former US ambassador to Ukraine Mariya. Rejuvenate Mitch was being surveilled joining me now to break. All this down is Wall Street Journal reporter Shelby Holiday Shelby. We're hearing a lot more from one of the central figures. Here's here and that is left. He's an associate of Rudy Giuliani's and he's been making the media rounds this week telling his side of the story. What new information did we hear from him? Well well he's not only talking. He actually handed over documents to the House Intelligence Committee so some of what he is saying is corroborated by text messages and letters and evidence that he's providing but what he is doing is he is out there. Essentially playing into Democrats hands corroborating. What Democrats have accused? The president of in that is coercing the Ukrainian government into announcing an investigation into Joe Biden president trump's democratic rival. So he's out there saying publicly. The president is a liar that president trump knew exactly what was going on with with respect to his actions and Rudy Giuliani's actions. He has been saying that he's with Rudy. Giuliani four or five days out of the week and he would overhear your phone conversations between Giuliani and president trump and some of that even backed up by photos at the Wall Street Journal has published because we do know that Rudy Giuliani and love. Parnis spent quite a bit of time together and we're with each other very important events throughout the past year. What he's also doing is accusing other administration officials of being in the loop so far? Some of those claims have not been corroborated. But he's implicating for example Vice President Mike Pence Attorney General William Bar the to have pushed back on what parnes is saying and remember Parnassus. Credibility is being called into question. Because he's somebody who is indicted in the southern district of New York and he's also accused of lying to authorities with respect to that matter. Shelby what are we hearing from. The trump administration in response to what Arneses saying well from. I'm back in the fall when was arrested president. Trump said he didn't even know love Parnasse he said. I don't know these men. I don't know what they're doing. So the White House not surprisingly Singley is still maintaining their distance and saying left. Parnasse isn't credible. What he's saying isn't true but Kellyanne conway was pressed pretty hard on on Fox News show about whether or not furnaces lying and she didn't give a flat out no? Let's pick up another piece of this. Ukraine has said it's now looking into whether the former US ambassador to Ukraine. Marie Ivanovich was under surveillance prior to being removed from her job. Just reminder ianovich testified during the house impeachment inquiry that she was the target of a smear your campaign shelby. What can you tell us about Ukraine's investigation here so in the documents love partners handed over to Congress where these text messages Many people said there are very troubling. They come from Robert Hide. He's a Republican congressional candidate. Who was texting in touch with Parnassus and some of the things? He was saying alluded to the fact. There was this surveillance team in Ukraine following and tracking Yvonna Vich movements and his text messages said things like if you want her out they need to make contact with security he forces. Obviously this raised a lot of eyebrows. Not only did Ukraine launch an investigation but also the FBI visited hides home and office. According to a person familiar with the matter. Now love parts is saying that he never took seriously he didn't really engage with him With respect to these messages but clearly authorities are taking it seriously early in the fact that they're looking at home looking at his office and launching an investigation and Ukraine. So a couple of threads here to full on and as the impeachment trial begins in the Senate. How might these various threats that we've just discussed play into the trial? The trial is starting to take shape and senators will be voting on whether or not they should hear witnesses. So we're we're not sure whether or not this would be a witness. Some people say he's not credible he shouldn't be up there but now other Democrats are saying together with the documents he handed over. We should hear from him. Another thing furnace has been saying. That's very interesting is that John. Bolton has a lot to say. The Ambassador Bolton was the national security adviser and he he has said he's willing to testify. Democrats want him to testify. It's just a matter of whether or not a few Republicans will vote to hear from him. But I think love Arneses recent statements. I will actually bolster the case that John John Bolton's should be a witness and we have new documents. We're not sure if the Senate will take those into consideration. But there's a lot of the air and there's a lot they have to decide Wall Street Journal reporter Shelby Holiday joining me here in our studio.

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